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No, the speed differences should be unnoticeable as the data will be written to disk as it is downloaded. The only noticeable change may be in your internet speed as the download consumes bandwidth.


I'm assuming you have the 15" rMBP with the NVidia GT 750M. If you're trying to run at native resolution, 2880 x 1800, with full effects, that card is likely inadequate. The GT 750M I would estimate is roughly equivalent with a Radeon HD 6850, 6770, or even lower, placing it fairly low on this benchmark chart for the original Diablo III. The frame-rates ...


There's no such power settings in OS X. And even in Windows, all it does is dimming the display and changing the idle time for sleep. That's not really going to make a difference(using it plugged in I mean), your performance will stay the same. I guess you're going to have to play it on lower settings if you want a higher framerate.

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