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Adding application software will have no effect on the performance of your computer unless 1) the software is running or 2) it installs persistent background processes that consume resources. LaTeX does not do #2, so you need not worry that this will affect your computer in any negative way.


The clearest way I can see to see whether data is being paged in or out of RAM is the command line program top. Open a Terminal and run top. Within the first few lines of output look for "swapins" and "swapouts". The values at the end tell you how many pages have been swapped in and out of memory. The values in the brackets are the delta for that update ...


I've just gone through two brand new MacBook Pro Retina 15's, "fresh" from Apple Store, both of which were giving me only 3-4 hours on a fresh charge. After resetting NVRAM and SMC, I now get 5-6 or more hours. If you buy a new MacBook -- and are getting less than 5 hours per charge -- try resetting your NVRAM and SMC. How to Reset NVRAM: Shut down the ...

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