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Open the two PDFs with Preview Drag the thumbnails of the second PDF to the end of the first PDF but above the grey line (marked with the red arrow): and finally export the resulting PDF to a third PDF. If your first PDF contains just one page this doesn't work. Workaround 1: Open your second PDF, then open the first PDF, drag the single page to the ...


Create an Automator print plugin that prints as a PDF-X. Open Automator.app Select "Print Plugin" at the Choose a type for your document screen Select "PDF" from the Actions menu Drag "Apple Quartz Filter to the PDF Documents" to the workflow space on the right When prompted choose if you want to create a copy of the original, add or don't add In the ...


You have a couple of options. If you move the mouse to the bottom-center of the screen it will appear a menu where you have an option to save to disk. See image below. Additionally, you use Print option, and there is an option in the bottom-left of that menu called PDF that you can use to save the document.

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