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Finally the Problem has been fixed by Apple. You just have to update to Yosemite 10.10.3!


iBooks has changed the download location to the "Desktop" for I don't know which reason. I found the iOS Human interface.epub file and loaded it with the iBooks Author app. There I went "File" - "New from ePub file..." . After the app loaded the file I went for "File" and "Export" and finally as PDF. I also tried downloading the .epub file onto iBooks on ...


You can use perl to convert escaped unicode character from ASCII text : tell application "iTunes" set sel to the selection if sel is {} then display dialog "Please select something" buttons {"Cancel"} set tc to count sel repeat with i from 1 to tc tell (get item i of sel) set loc to location set authorfield to ...


Try using the Terminal! Type: sips -r 5 --padColor FFFFFF test.pdf Where 5 is the degrees, FFFFFF is for white (the background) and test.pdf is your pdf. To more easily use this, try only typing sips -r 5 --padColor FFFFFF and then drag a file on the terminal. Edit: as user3439894 correctly points out this only works for single page pdf's and ...

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