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Disclaimer This answer is not intended as security advice for regular users. Setting your Mac's securelevel to 1 could potentially cause certain software or hardware drivers to malfunction, so I advise doing your own due diligence and independent research and testing to determine whether there could be any undesirable consequences to performing these steps. ...


If you deployed a Configuration profile that mandates a password requirement, you will need to remove that profile via your MDM or Apple Configurator. In the Profiles section of either Prepare or Supervise, ensure that none of the configuration profiles that are being deployed contain a payload requiring a passcode.


I'd reset the password from the Recovery HD and then change it in the Keychain afterwards. Have a look at Reset Forgotten Admin Password OSX 10.10 Yosemite, which is also applicable for 10.8 and later. Reboot (Apple menu > Restart) to the Recovery HD holding down Command-R during startup. Go to the Utilities menu and select: Terminal In the Terminal type ...


How to manually view saved passwords and credit card numbers with iCloud Keychain Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on Safari. Tap on Passwords & AutoFill under the General section. Tap on either Saved Passwords or Saved Credit Cards. Enter your 4-digit passcode if you are prompted to do so. In this list, find the login you'd like to ...


Not to my knowledge; You can mandate a passcode has to be in use, but you cannot dictate what that passcode is.

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