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You could hit Command + F1 which toggles display mirroring. Then use the laptop screen to do the copy and paste. That way the users still see your main desktop, while you work on your laptop screen.


No, in the current version and previous versions it will require the password to update, however I believe the version to be released in the fall removes this requirement. You can however fix this by enabling automatic update.


Ok, so it seem like that by going into "Disk Utility" and doing the sequence "Verify Disk Permissions"->"Repair Disk Permission" did the trick.


You didn't say where you set the preference, or your OS X version. System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General has a setting: In OSX 10.9 / 10.10: "Require password Immediately after sleep or screen saver begins." In OSX Mavericks: "Require password for sleep and screen saver", followed by the time. That item should be turned on and set to ...


No, but you can revoke the computer from your AppleID account.

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