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The software you are looking for is called "Digital Rights Management" software, often abbreviated to "DRM". Searching for this term will find a wide range of third party tools and solutions for protecting your videos. The offerings will range from massive companies like Adobe with their Access solution to numerous smaller companies. Protecting ...


You mac has saved Chrome passwords in the key chain. Open your key chain and sort by typing the name Google in search window so you can do the following easier. This is what it looks like on my MBA. Click on the first one of the Google password and then open the access control tab Set to allow all applications to use If you are not ...


I have used both KeePass and MiniKeePass in the past and can confirm that they are great and work perfectly — they work very simply but excel at what they do: simple password management. They seem great for your needs.


For what is worth, this is more of a opinion (experience) then a clear answer to your specific question. It has become a "sport" to some to crack anything password protected. So no matter what you use it will be cracked if the content is of high interest. The best protection I found is to use your Ownership information embedded in the video it self. ...

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