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Disk1 is a "virtual device" which resides in disk0s2 (the Apple_CoreStorage Volume Group which actually contains a FileVault volume). You have only one 'physical device' indeed. Disk0s5 is probably an old Bootcamp installation. The clean way (get rid of the 2 Recovery HDs): Make a complete Time Machine backup of Macintosh HD. Start to Internet Recovery ...


The problem will lie with the dock disk-controllers and the method they use when translating the hard disk layout. I recently serviced an HP NX7400 laptop and the BIOS has two different modes for dealing hard disk translation - LBA Assist and Bit-shift. Both work, but if a drive is formatted using one method it will not be recognised if the other option is ...


There is no need to delete the CoreStorage Logical Volume Group. Just resize it: Have a backup! Reboot into Internet Recovery Mode (hold Option-Command-R) as the machine is restarting). You'll eventually be presented with a Max OS X Utilities window. In the menu bar along the top of the screen, click Utilities -> Terminal. At the prompt, enter ...


Boot holding Command ⌘ R at the chimes to boot into Recovery Mode, run Disk Utility & Repair Disk.

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