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1 - I think you need a keyboard to boot holding Alt (Opt) key, to show boot partition and disks. 2 - Yes, if you plug in a USB keyboard it's simply works. Mac OS X has the driver for standard keyboards.


Update 3) (I deleted Update 2) I am glad, klanomath posted his answer. For me post, I would have to plagiarize his work. Deuce55 you can ignore this update. It is directed at anyone interest in recovery partitions. There are three types of OS X recovery partitions. They are either internal, external or internet based. Each type has its pros and cons. ...


Thanks to @klanomath for a great answer. It's amazing to me that the only way to do this is such a destructive one. I will outline here a few things I learned and maybe a little bit of an abstraction of the problem. The FusionDrive, as the name suggests, is actually two physical drives fused together. Occasionally when setting up BOOTCAMP, the Windows ...

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