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Go to System Preferences > Sound Click on headphones or internal speakers


This is not something I do myself, so I am not certain of the safety of it, however… Right click the .pvm file & Open With - Parallels Mounter This will give you access to the drive contents, including write access.


The setup proposed in the setup guide provides a dual-drive environment with a "swapped" system. The faster SSD finally contains the system, some user folders and all apps and the slower but larger HDD contains your user data. If your Windows Parallels VM is stored in your user folder (the default path is /User/[username]/Documents/Parallels.../) it will ...


You should probably keep your apps up to date before installing an OS that you know will be incompatible with their older versions. Take a Time Machine backup of everything. Update Parallels through this link. You'll get it for $49.99 (as opposed to $79.99) because you're upgrading from a relatively recent version. Open the new Parallels and play around ...

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