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Any virtual machine installed will require its own, self-contained antivirus program. For example, I run Parallels Desktop 9 with XP, Windows 7 and Linux CentOS 6 VMs. On XP and Windows 7, I use Microsoft Security Essentials and ClamAV on the Linux VM. On OS X, I am running Kaspersky Internet Security. The reason that each OS requires its own A/V software ...


Sleep/wake cannot trigger scripts. EventScripts, although it is a very impressive program. it not fit this purpose it does NOT actually appear to be able to trigger scripts quickly enough before your Mac goes to sleep. but there are many third party solutions. For example, sleepwatcher


Parallels like other virtualization software for Macs uses a virtualized hardware layer. This layer doesn't have direct access to the real hardware (Type-2 Hypervisor). This includes the Wi-Fi-interface. Instead software ethernet bridges are used to access the hardware indirectly. That's the reason for the network interfaces of the Mac (e.g. en0: ...

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