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To provide an insight into the API level changes between OS X versions, Apple's What's New in OS X developer document is useful. The deprecated framework and function lists can be extensive between 10.x releases: Deprecated Frameworks and APIs Periodically, Apple adds deprecation macros to APIs to indicate that those APIs should no longer be used ...


For clarification, Apple's 'point' releases are the equivalent of Windows' major updates... 10.9 to 10.10 is as big a change as Windows 7 to 8. Apple has always had a lot harder approach to backwards compatibility. They want you on the latest & greatest & don't support older OSes for very long at all, "Last 3" would be about maximum for even ...


Actually, after thinking about it for a bit I decided to go with coherence mode which seems to do this in a bit different way then I wanted it (no desktops etc) but it may serve it's purpose of being able to mix MAC/Windows enough to move windows around easily.

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