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In contrary to older version Parallels 11 creates a bootable installer hdd with the help of Install OS X El Older versions created an iso/dmg/img file with the same purpose. After booting to the pre-installation boot environment in the OS X image file.hdd, OS X will be installed to the main drive inside the VM pvm package. After installing OS X ...


I know this is really going to just be opinion-based, but... Honestly, I'd just learn to live with the difference. Long-term I'm certain it's best. Yes, you will occasionally type a v in Windows when you meant to paste & yes you'll pop up the Start menu without meaning to... but overall life is simpler if you maintain awareness of the difference ...


I have this same problem on my MAC. In the Parallels preferences, no permanent connections exist. I can usually get around it by unplugging the drive and plugging in to a different USB port. Sounds silly, but works.


Compiling takes CPU even if pure OSX so in a VM will take all the CPU. Fan working and hot is not an issue - it will happen (try compiling gcc under OSX on an i7 CPU all 8 threads will be running for several minutes) I would although give more memory to the VM To see what is taking CPU you need to look at Activity Monitor in OSX (which will show Parallels ...

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