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I'm not sure it's set in stone anywhere, but the convention for Ask Different seems to be along the lines of <kbd> Cmd ⌘ </kbd> <kbd> Ctrl ⌃ </kbd> <kbd> Opt ⌥ </kbd> <kbd> Shift ⇧ </kbd> <kbd> T </kbd> Cmd ⌘ Ctrl ⌃ Opt ⌥ Shift ⇧ T giving the abbreviated name & key symbol, no + ...


You are almost there. cp with the -R option and the arguments SOURCE DESTINATION cp -R /absolute/path/to/source/folder $HOME/Library Replace /absolute/path....../folder with the real absolute path to the folder you wish to copy


Try this ( http://blog.krzysztof-turek.com/apple-imac-8-1-freeze-problem-solution-en/ ) I had the same issues ; display frozen but pointer moving but no kernel panic on a mid 2007 imac 2.0 ghz and running osx 10.8 Mountain Lion. the kext swap worked for me . Good Luck


Programs that install system components can't be uninstalled by simply throwing them in the Trash. Usually an Uninstaller is provided in the original .dmg file, or can sometimes done from within the app itself. If you delete the app, you may be too late to use that method. Most companies that make apps which must be correctly uninstalled will have ...


Disk Utility will not fix every conceivable disk corruption issue. For that you need third-party apps. I use Diskwarrior and have also had success with Drive Genius. However there is one way to do this without buying a disk repair utility. Back up your hard drive, partition/reformat it, reinstall the OS and restore your backup. Yeah it's more complicated ...


Pandoc was just released, will install the MAN pages during the cabal install process. However, you need to make sure your MANPATH environment variable includes the cabal MAN page directory. (On OSX, this is generally $HOME/Library/Haskell/share/man.) Add to your ~/.bashrc: MANPATH=$HOME/Library/Haskell/share/man:$MANPATH


Preview should do the job just fine.

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