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Just tap the Tab key twice (TabTab). You'll be prompted if you want to see all possible commands. Tap y and you'll be presented with a list. You can do that same thing for individual commands to see all options for that specific command.


Emerald, amigo: Let's get your Mac working for you: Reboot the machine, holding down the appropriate keys on your windows keyboard to effectuate an Apple COMMAND-s. Two keys here, the 's' for single-user, and whatever key maps to the COMMAND, or APPLE key. If all goes well, then a nerd-screen, like a DOS prompt or UNIX shell will appear instead ...


Like fd0 commented above, the best source for quickly listing most everything you can do in the Terminal, is by using the Bash builtin compgen. Compgen interfaces with the "completion" function in Bash, so it is intended to keep a list of most everything you can do in the shell. So it is interesting that technically compgen is listing commands, aliases, ...

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