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You are misunderstanding the way (Mac)Vim processes its configuration. Simplifying slightly, there are three layers to it on OS X: the vimrc and gvirmc files in $VIMRUNTIME are the runtime defaults for the Vim install. For MacVim, this is set to point inside the application bundle – the files you found. These will be overwritten each time you update ...


It's your $PS1 - it's not properly escaped. You have to escape all non-printing characters with \[ and \]. For example, if you have export PS1='\e[32m\u \W\e[0m $ ' you have to change it to export PS1='\[\e[32m\]\u \W\[\e[0m\] $ ' or your cursor will appear far to the right because your shell thinks your prompt is that long, and when it retypes the ...


CMD-TAB until you to the app, arrow up, enter. Yeah not very intuitive. I wish minimized apps would be removed from the alt-tab and then just hide windows and get them back with the alt-tab. Apple, take note. This is annoying.

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