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exFAT is the only format which will work for you as it will allow files greater than 4GB and work on Windows. Disk Utility can format using exFAT.


A solution does in fact exist. Click the Wi-Fi symbol in the menu bar and choose Create Network.


You can install OS X using either a Snow Leopard installation disk (which should have been included with the computer–however you'll need 10.6.8 to go further, as earlier versions contain no online-only upgrade path) Or: With a thumb drive that has been set up to install OS X. You can easily create these thumb drives using instructions in Create a bootable ...


What is the capacity of your flash drive ? More than 8GB ? If yes then NTFS will do. If you want to use your flash drive on Windows, only FAT32 or NTFS will be nice. If you haven't download yet, there is a lot of software that allow OS X to write into NTFS partitions. Like TUXERA NTFS or Paragon NTFS.

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