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scp provides a handy way to do this. It also happens to be nearly platform-independent (Windows requires Cygwin or similar). Ex: from the Mac you want the certs on: scp -r user@server:/path/to/cert/directory /where/you/want/the/certs Note that the '-r' option works on entire directories, if you only want to work on the certs, not the directory ...


I suspect writing an equivalent to codesign on a non-Apple platform will be tricky; but you might be lucky as parts may be open source. Consider having a Mac provide a code signing service solely for your web server. Then you can use Apple's codesign but avoid using the Mac as the public server. Apple provide two useful documents about code signing: ...


dsconfigad -restrictDDNS en0 Will only allow the address assigned to en0 to be registered via DDNS. Best practice is to have all NICs disabled except en0 when you bind the Mac. Then restrict DDNS updates to only en0, only after this then enabling the subsequent NICs.


Sorry for being untechnical, but I solved a VPN/Yosemite issue: After a smaller Upgrade my VPN still connected, but didn’t let anything thru. The Update somehow „unchecked“ System Preferences > Network > VPN(PPTP) > More…/Options > Connecting Option > Send all traffic through VPN Connection (third option in the first list in this dialog; I'm ...

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