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NB: the account home folder at /var/teamsserver is misspelled by apple. Check it out carefully - it only has one "s". Create a properly spelled folder in var, then run chown to make sure it's owned by teamsserver and you'll be good to go.


Received this from a community member on SpiceWorks forums... David_CSG wrote: It won't work in the direction you're trying to go, never has and isn't even supported. Joining Windows AD to Apple's Open Directory has never been an option from Microsoft, and I would recommend strenuously (even vehemently) against trying at all (via any 3rd-party ...


This worked for me. Dummy solutions are easiest. Maybe overkill, but I'm all about easy.


Reviewing more articles, I realized that the AP was not set to Enterprise. Upon turning that on, and setting it up on the AP, the server was receiving the auth requests (and showing that they were authenticating), but not returning them to the AP.


This was eventually resolved. We discovered that with Mavericks we could not netboot across subnets, which we previously had no issues with, so it seems to be unrelated to Deploy Studio or model. Also learned that the TFTP protocol change is only relevant during netboot if you get the prohibited sign during boot, which we did not get.

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