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The standard directory in Yosemite/Mavericks where the update packages are stored in folders and sub-folders is here: "/Library/Server/Software Update/Data/html/content/downloads/" The DocRoot may be customized though. Entering the following in Terminal to get a previously customized DocRoot should work: /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'print ...


Yes, this feature still exists, and operates in the same way. As an example, here is a connection from one Yosemite machine to another:


I have found a solution (possibly temporarily), as part of our loginhook shell script I have entered the following: UserName="$1" UserGroup="$(sudo -u $UserName id)" if [[ $UserGroup == *teachers* ]] ; then networksetup -setwebproxy Ethernet <hostname> <port> off ; else networksetup -setwebproxy Ethernet <hostname> <port> off ; fi if ...


When you set a user to services only this limits them to no login. As you can see in your Advanced Options the login shell is set to /usr/bin/false. This will deny login. If you want to share a folder with them setup File Sharing in the Server.app and give them permission to the file share.

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