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I made a similar modification to my 13" mid-2009 MacBook Pro and used the OWC Data Doubler. You don't need to provide a SATA cable, rather the frame (OptiBay or Data Doubler) used to mount the hard drive in place of the optical drive will use the SATA cable formerly employed by the optical drive. As for tools, I believe you will only need a Phillips ...


Sounds like the CD drive is malfunctioning. This could be caused by many different problems, from partially detached cables inside the laptop to just a dirty CD slot and/or laser lens. One simple weird trick is to take a can of compressed air and give the CD slot a blow-out when not loaded with a disc. There are CD laser lens cleaning discs, including this ...


Yes, it is possible to remove the optical drive. However, it isn't that easy. You will need several specialized screwdrivers, a tool to remove the cables, and some manual dexterity. If you have experience disassembling laptops it will not be a problem. Go to ifixit.com and find the instructions for your model. Side note #1: this would be a good time to ...


Simple answer, yes. If it's not there it will be ignored as though it doesn't exist… which it won't.

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