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Try this? sudo nvram boot-args="mbasd=1" Allan wants me to add more info. So here is another line And another


I discovered this is a fast and simple way to enable a USB SuperDrive on El Capitan: Click on the "" (Apple) menu, select "Restart...", and then hold "⌘" (Command) and "R" at the same time until the progress bar appears. [This will boot El Capitan in recovery mode, which may take a little longer than usual.] Once booted into the GUI, click on the "Options"...


The sound is totally normal on older MacBook models and it's not a bug. It's from the optical drive looking for a boot up disk.


This is most likely not even your optical drive, but the PSU fans! Just remove the superdrive bay and your problem is solved!


Seems like SuperDrive is not compatible with any MacBook Pro that already have built-in optical drive. See here for statement from Apple: However there seems to be a way to override this according to this blog entry: Might be ...

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