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The function you need is CountIf, which takes two parameters: a range of cells and a test condition. Suppose you have a chart of customers and product purchases, and you want to tally what each customer purchased each quarter: Cell B11 contains the formula COUNTIF(B2:B10,"=Product A") and Cell C12 contains the formula COUNTIF(C2:C10,"=Product B"), etc. ...


This is a job for COUNTIF(). The syntax is not complicated, but it is briefly described here: There are also a number of questions showing how to use it in this SE if you search 'COUNTIF'.


I found the solution: =SUMIF(2:2,CLEAN("<="&DATEVALUE(B5)),Pmt) The solution was the proper use of the Clean() function. I'll Leave this up if anyone has a similar issue.


Apple has stopped including iWork as a part of the OS, and the apps can now be purchased separately through the APP store on your Mac. If you have purchased one of the iWork apps (Numbers) with your AppleID already, you can go into the Purchased section of the APP store and re-download the software. If you have updated your OS it is possible you had a ...

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