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From Numbers help: Move rows and columns within a table Select one or more rows or columns. Do any of the following: Move rows: After selecting the rows, click and hold the row numbers until the rows appear to rise off the table, then drag them above or below another row. Move columns: After selecting the columns, click and hold the ...


You can't make 2 cells which content would be synchronised from each other. To define b1=$a$1 and a1=$b$1 would create a loop of cross references. This graph of dependency would be a cycle. On the other hand you van make 2 cells depend on a common source: a2=$a$1 and b2=$a$1. This graph of dependency is a tree.


Some locales use semicolon as a separator for parameters in formulae, such as Turkey. You can check this by using a comma after the first parameter, then clicking a cell. If you see a semicolon being inserted alongside the comma you should use a semicolon as a delimiter.                                  This feels like a bug. Copy-pasting the cell shows ...


If you have a long list of entries (some of my spreadsheets have 300+ entries and the emails are always hyperlinked!!) here's what I do: Copy the column of emails into a text editing program such as bbedit. replace instances of '@" with at - or really any unique string I also do the same thing with the dot - replace '.' with DOT Then I paste the result ...


Right-click or Command + Click on unwanted template, then delete it.


There is an IsEmpty() function in Numbers for this, so the formula probably will look something like =if(IsEmpty(CELL-REFERENCE),"",YOUR-FORMULA)

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