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If by "underline a cell" you mean just a bottom border, this is done in the Cell tab of the inspector. Select the cell(s) you wish to apply the bottom border to. In the Cell tab on the Inspector select the border formatting. There are several dropdowns that allow you to choose the style and weight of the bottom border. See screenshots below. Once you get ...


Perhaps the simplest way to accomplish this is to use the CONCATENATE Function in a new column and then hide the others. At an appropriate place in your table, add a new column. (Perhaps at the end) Add a formula such as = TRIM ( CONCATENATE( A2, " ", A3 )) adding in the calculation as many cells as needed. Drag the formula down the column. Now, hide the ...


Just happened upon this thread looking for an answer to the same question. What I have discovered is to type "= Now." This will give you the current date and time at that moment.


Figured it out! AND cannot be used since it's a function itself, instead IF needs to be nested, like this... IF(COUNTIF(name,name)>1,IF(ISBLANK(meaning),"X",""),"")

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