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The notifications come through 99.9%, I think the 0.01% is when your phone doesn't have network. That is the only reason it won't go through, unless you have a poor server with 10000 requests per second then yes that will fail. So for best results just get a good server. I don't think you can help people with cellular coverage. Even if you did run in ...


There is no push for mail settings for iPhone 5


What you are describing is what will happen when the silent switch is on (orange). Orange means that none of the system sounds (notifications, typing, etc.) will come out of the device's speakers.


You can set a specific time for a reminder: mouse over the entry in Reminders and a circled "i" for "Information" will appear, upon which you should click. Then select the checkmark box, "Remind me: On a Day," and fill in the date and time for the reminder. The Reminders functionality in OSX and iOS is minimal; Apple seems to have wanted to include a ...


In the Notification Centre settings, you can have an app only play sounds but not show any notifications, or show anything on the lock screen. Take a look through the list for entries that only show Sound as the notification options, and turn off the sound option.


You can enable Do Not Disturb from the top of Notification Center. Open Notification Center using the button on the menu bar or swiping in from the right side of the trackpad with two fingers, then scroll up and turn the switch on.

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