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At first, I thought there would be a straight-forward, albeit hidden, solution. However, after doing some digging, it seems that something that should be a simple swipe or click to do is more complicated than that. This is going to be a little long, but hopefully will be incredibly helpful. I was going to post this earlier today, but did not get the chance ...


It's under the app's discretion whether to alert the user with vibration when silent mode is enabled. You can contact the app developer's through the link on the App Store page. For notifications from apps like Fallout Shelter, I like the fact that the notification doesn't cause a vibration as its there when I next check the lock screen and I regard those ...


Notifications appear on your primary display. The primary display is typically the one showing the menu bar; however, you can show the menu bar on every display. To change your primary display: Open System Preferences.app > Displays Select the Arrangement tab Drag the menu bar to the desired display


There will be different notifications using the same sound. Swipe down from the top of the screen to see a list of notifications and see which one it was, then go into Settings => Notifications to turn them off!


When you check the notification center you will see that the messages still appear there but the center won't notify the user when the app sending the message is in the foreground. Workaround: Before firing the notification, activate Finder: tell application "Finder" to activate set lasttime to current date set min to 5 as number set interval to 1 as ...


Open the notification centre Press the little cog icon on the bottom right Find your application in the list Select your application and unselect "Show in notification center".


You may have accidentally muted the SMS conversation. To change this go to the SMS messages for that contact and click Details (top right) and make sure that Do Not Disturb isn't selected.

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