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Wouldn't it be Settings -> Notifications -> Messages -> Repeat Alerts -> Never?

0 It supports simple command line interface too. Very useful and free.


No, notifications are always only displayed on on the display designated 'primary'. (The one which has the white menu bar line on it in System Preferences → Displays → Arrangement)


Either Settings > Notifications > FaceTime > Sounds > None or I have misunderstood your question. Do you mean to prevent the notifications from making noise or just dismissing a notification after its begun?


This looks like it's involved in the mechanics of notifications on a low level. My guess is that it has been there all along, but this time the developer forgot to hide it and it escaped testing.


Apple Watch connects to wifi networks it has connected whilst being linked via Bluetooth with your iPhone: So, let's say you forget your phone at home but you're wearing your watch at work. Your watch will recognise the wifi network and still give you your notifications over wifi. You might also need to mirror ...


This is an old post but might be helpful for some. It turns out, as far as I can tell, that the alert emails originating from the Mac mail app are just following the instructions you have programmed on Google Calendar, much like pop up notifications work. That being said, as of now, there is no way to ignore than instruction from google calendar unless ...


Nope. AFAIK, at least as an Apple Watch owner, if you have an Apple Watch paired then you will receive all notifications on it. I don't believe that there is a way to change so that you receive notifications on the Watch and in Notification Center on your iPhone at the same time.

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