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You will have side effects if you upgrade to Yosemite (Beta 2). The notification icon on the menu bar re-appeared, but clicking it just makes the icon itself flash briefly. I am able to slide the panel from the right of my magic trackpad, but otherwise can't fix the menu bar to either fully disable or reenable it.


This is an old question, but just in case someone stumbles on it and is specifically worried about the privacy implications of Notification Center, the answer is YES, OS X does keep a log of notifications on disk. The format is an sqlite database, and it can be found inside this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/NotificationCenter Inside you'll find ...


I had the same issue on Mavericks, maybe because of the upgrade from Mountain Lion to Mavericks. I solved this issue through deleting my Facebook Account from the internet accounts under Settings, restarting and then adding the Facebook account again.


I found an imperfect solution: apparently applications that use their own full-screen mode (an older API maybe?) and not the OSX full-screen mode, disable the Notification Center while they're in full-screen. Scrivener's composition mode does this, as does Word 2011. A solution that worked for me in Scrivener was to go into regular full-screen mode ...


I use Phone Amego to do that very thing on both OS X 10.7.5 and OS X 10.9.4. No jailbreak required. Works like a charm over bluetooth, and also allows logging/sending SMS.

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