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Ok, I found a solution: I had two Exchange Accounts connected and synchronised the notes from them. After removing them through the settings Notes is working again :)


"Where can I find these files?" I simply did a search for "notesexternalrecord". From there, when you click on a note, it's location is listed graphically just above the Status bar of the window displaying the documents (i.e. individual notes). Caution though, as mentioned previously, monkeying with them could cause irreversible damage to the app or the ...


I've been using FocusWriter to good effect. It supports RTF, has files in independent tabs, and doesn't require a login.


Unfortunately there is no clear formatting option or shortcut, however you can copy and paste the formatting of selected text. For example if you have a note open with normal formatting, even just opening a new note and typing hello, press Command + Option + C to copy the default normal formatting, then select the note you want to clear and press Command + ...

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