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The upcoming OS X 10.11.4 will support Evernote import to Notes (import of the .enex file format). Imported content to OS X’s Notes can be synced to Notes on iOS devices then. Source: AppleInsider: Apple's Notes for Mac to support Evernote file imports in OS X 10.11.4, February 9th 2016 9to5mac has already a how-to for it: How-To: Migrate notes from ...


Go to Systems Preferences > Internet Accounts select the account of the website you manage and disable the Notes.


Try: tell application "Notes" set myFolder to first folder whose name = "FolderA" set myNotes to notes of myFolder repeat with theNote in myNotes -- insert your code here end repeat end tell


One solution is to write all your list items, one under the other, neglecting any indentation level. Then, you can select all the items you want to be on the same level, and press cmd+]. This will allow you to increase the indentation level. As far as I know, auto-indentation applies just for bulled/dashed lists.

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