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It sounds like the Notes were being saved on iCloud on both devices. When you deleted them from your phone, you were really deleting them from iCloud. If you use "Time Machine" to backup your macbook, you can go back to the day before you deleted the notes on your phone and then sync your phone with iTunes to put the notes back on. Then, on your iPhone, ...


Open the Keyboard in your sys pref. The click on the Input sources Tab. Uncheck the "Automatically switch to Document Input source". If above did not work try following. Go to /Users/borderline/Library/Preferences find the com.apple.Stickies.plist Delete it and restart.


To do this on 10.9 open up Notes.app then select View -> Show Folders List You should then be able to simple drag and drop notes from one folder to a different folder and also across folders on different accounts.

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