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Here is an improved walkthrough to install fail2ban on OS X 10.10 (it probably works on 10.9 also) based on the (somehow faulty) guide at forgetcomputers.zendisk.com. The automated installer didn't work at all for me so I did it manually. cd to ~/Downloads and download fail2ban-0.8.10 cd ~/Downloads curl -O ...


I will give you a real fix of how to stop iPhone from reloading web pages. I have tried everything but there is no real fix in Safari. However, you can install browsers like Mercury etc. The Problem with such browsers is that they are not as good as Safari or Opera Mini. But I have lately come to know one feature in Opera Mini where one can stop web pages ...


Installing Server.app has several benefits for traditional UNIX hands since OS X makes configuration choices on the client OS that don't work well for people that live in the command line world. (Max files per process, VM tuning, other various kernel tuning changes) Barring an easy solution, I would recommend installing Server and then enabling OS X ...


I was missing a piece of the puzzle that klanomath kindly filled by linking to this “Setting up Fail2ban on Mac OS X 10.7+” post, and Buscar웃 reinforced with this “Integrating PF with Fail2ban 0.9” post. While PF was adding the IP address to the fail2ban table, it didn’t know what to do with it. There are a couple of ways to achieve this: The first post ...


Not in any reasonable manner. Instead, use a portable WISP router. This creates your own local WiFi network yet uses the hotel connection as the WAN. Some are no bigger than your finger if you're concerned about size of this additional hardware component.


I tried to remedy this problem from everything this and other sites said to do. It wasn't until the suggestion to go on the Western Digital MyBookLive to change parameters that I found it needed to be updated. I updated the firmware and the backups started automatically while I took a nap!


No, not without special functionality on the accesspoints themselves. The thing you are referring to is called wireless roaming, something that usually can't be done with simple consumer hardware. As for OS X, it only reconnects when the current connection is lost. If you can make sure there is no overlap between the accesspoints or repeatets, the ...

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