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You don't have to re-download the track to iTunes on the computer. You can just connect the iPhone over USB and play the music that's on the iPhone. If you want the track to be cached on the PC (or any other iTunes), then you do need to allow the track to download.


From the XLD SourceForge page The crash report indicates that XLD failed to get a vendor/product string from a drive, or lost a connection itself. I guess the crash is caused by "Set automatically if possible" option in "CD Rip" preference tab. This solved the problem.


Turn off your restrictions, that worked for me


The prices are shown because you are in the iTunes Store tab. You can still buy tracks and albums there, like before. To get to Apple Music, click "My Music", "For you" or "New" in the top bar. "My music" is where your music is, both the tracks and albums you've previously purchased and the ones you've saved in Apple Music. "For you" is personalized ...


Create in iTunes a smart playlists of loved songs, and the playlist will be updated on the iPhone. If you mark a song as loved it will be added to the playlist without syncing.


You have 2 choices, really. Look for a clean version on the iTunes Store - one without the red E Learn to edit your own music using something like Audacity to either duck the volume at the desired point, overdub a 'beep', or chop out that section entirely. There are plenty of tutorials on the Audacity site.


One thing you can do is right clicking and click "Play next", going to the up next bar on the top, and clicking on the song you want to play and clearing the other selected song. As to stopping iTunes from jumping to whatever track you just pressed, right click and choose "Play next" or "Add to Up Next" to put it in queue.

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