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iTunes uses the same technologies as QuickTime for playback. According to this document circa 2005, QuickTime is capable of playing 24-bit , 192kHz audio files. I think it's safe to say that iTunes is fully capable of playing these files. However, you're probably limited by the hardware in your Mac. If you open the "Audio MIDI Setup" app, you'll probably ...


It sounds like you use iTunes Match? if so, did your annual subscription run out or expire? if so, you may need to pay the ANNUAL fee and turn the service back on.


You could try, the windows only application, MediaMonkey (mediamonkey.com). This may help you as it used to be able to get around the itunes media controls... I have not used it for a while, so it may have changed (or Apple may have changed something to stop MediaMonkey from working as it used to). With MediaMonkey you may be able to save the music already ...


Unfortunately Apple has 'decreed' that none shall use an iPhone/iPod without the concurrent use of iTunes to manage the device. Yeah this is what other people said but with the addition that you can't really. Not without a fair amount of hacking around in the iPhone. The iPhone's filesystem is not exposed to general usage and not designed to be used with ...

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