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I managed to find appropriate app for this purpose. Its name is VLC for iOS -> https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/vlc-for-ios/id650377962?mt=8 I can connect my DropBox account and play music.


⌥ alt/option-click on the volume adjustment to create new keyframes Adjust the volume between these keyframes by dragging.


Under Settings, iTunes & App Store there's an Option for "show all" (music, videos). If you disable it, it will only show you the songs that are actually on your phone, not those that are downloadable because you bought them.


If it helps, I was struggling with this too - then realised Podcasts are counted under music! Clear out your Podcasts in the same way as above, et voila!


There are (at least) two simple ways of achieving this: Select the songs in iTunes and drag them to a folder in the Finder. Copy said folder to the other computer (via WiFi, external drive, Disk Target Mode, whatever). Drag files out of folder and drop on iTunes. iTunes Match. For a cost of $25 per year, you can store all your music in iCloud. Whether you ...


After a back and forth between apple suport it turns out the tracks I had been trying to upload didn't have enough information. Once I added as much track info as possible to each track they eventually uploaded. Hope this helps someone else.


In my iPhone 5S Gold I Found at below location Settings --> General --> Usage -->Manage Storage --> Music Go All Music --> Now click on Edit Finally click on Music it will show Delete Button --> Click again to Remove. It will remove entire music files on your device.

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