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What plugin-type are they? GarageBand will only use AU plugins, with a .component extension, it can't use VST etc. Each plugin type ought to be in its correct sub-folder - Components, Digidesign, HAL, VST etc See Interface types explained (VST, RTAS, AU, etc.) Finding Audio Units plug-ins on your computer & How to Install plugins for Garageband - Add ...


I had this exact same problem and found the answer I was looking for within one of the Apple communities. Simply go into iTunes store and scroll right to the very bottom. There amongst the small print you'll see an option for purchased. Click on there and you will see a list of all songs/albums and you can choose to either download all or individual tracks. ...


Turns out it was the jailbreak Activator tweak from Ryan Petrich. When I uninstalled it, I can go to full volume again.


There's a kind of easy way to solve this as I found out recently. All it involves is using the same credit/debit card details on both iTunes accounts. Yes, a little bit of a nuisance and there's no logic at all as why it would be this way but it solved it for me with my Macbook that I share with my daughter. 2 separate Apple ID's and 2 separate iTunes match ...

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