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Here is my little script to do what you are asking for. Tested on a couple of tracks on my iTunes 11 under Snow Leopard and it run just fine. tell application "iTunes" set myMusicLib to some playlist whose special kind is Music log "Debug: Count of library items: " & (count of tracks of myMusicLib) set myNewTracks to (get tracks in ...


Okay so I have found that if I delete the track via Finder (and empty trash), then finding the track in my Library in iTunes as expected it will say the file is not found. This will then give you prompt to locate the file, after selecting the new file all instances of the track will be replaced with the new location automatically by iTunes


If you never synced the iPhone with your PC/Mac, you cannot manually add songs without first deleting the iPhone (I am 99% sure about this). You can use third party iTunes alternatives (i.e. CopyTrans Manager for PC and Sharepod for Mac to add songs to the iPhone without the need to sync with iTunes.

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