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This is currently not possible. Apple does not provide a way to turn this off. Note that if your swiping is begun whilst still zoomed slightly, the tab switcher is not invoked. See this animation: This is a pretty large GIF — it'll take a while to load and be smooth.


It's a custom gesture set up on the jailbroken iPhone. Pinch to lock is not a feature available in Accessibility or any other method on a non-jailbroken phone. The gesture can be set up using a tweak such as Activator. Go to Settings → Activator → On Lock Screen → Icon Pinch → Lock Device to set it up.


I arrived at this page because I also perceived a subtle change in the trackpad scrolling mechanics after upgrading to Mavericks. It does indeed feel that medium-speed scrolling is slowed down a bit from before (10.7 in my case). I don't have a machine running the older OS to test this on, though. Anyway, I turned up the scrolling speed to max in System ...

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