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I'm not sure why it's included in the export, but this is one of the default "Image Fills":


tl;dr: it's the default shape fill, strictly unnecessary if there are no shapes. XLSX, DOCX and other formats use OPC (the open packaging conventions), which mandates the zip container and describes how files should be laid out. If there is a file that you do not recognize, look in the various relationship files (they end in .rels). In this case, the ...


Keynote files exported to PowerPoint do things like this too. That PNG is a background fill from Keynote, and is made available to PowerPoint to be used as the default shape fill for shapes created in the exported document. Keynote not only exports your document, but also the template style elements it was created with - even if some of those style elements ...


I use Dashing for this. It's a web framework, so you can view the dashboards on any web browser.


From the Library folder, a simple search (CMD+F) for Name starting with com.microsoft will recursively find all files and folders in every Library subfolder.


Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available in Outlook 2011. Personally I think it was a huge mistake to omit this feature in the Mac version of Office 2011. The best you can do is to send your feedback by clicking Help > Send Feedback... in any Office application, or by clicking on this link. However, if your feedback is taken into ...

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