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I also had a similar problem. Try to identify whether the problem comes from the mouse or the iMac : try to plug the mouse on another computer and connect something else to your computer. My problem came from the usb port of my computer so I had to take it back to the apple store .. Sorry I couldn't give you a way to solve your problem immediately.


For what ever reason you have this enabled in your general preferences


This is Apple redefining normal. For me it is fine on a trackpad but counter intuitive with a scroll wheel. It started on O/S X Lion and I have been using a little utility called Scroll Reverser to change the behavior: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/37872/scroll-reverser


I've had a simular issue as an inverted (external) mouse is pretty... annoying. If you never use another computer, you will get used to it eventually. But if you would like to customize buttons, I would recommend you steermouse as per their site: SteerMouse is a mouse driver that lets you freely customize buttons, wheels and cursor speed. Both USB and ...


I arrived at this page because I also perceived a subtle change in the trackpad scrolling mechanics after upgrading to Mavericks. It does indeed feel that medium-speed scrolling is slowed down a bit from before (10.7 in my case). I don't have a machine running the older OS to test this on, though. Anyway, I turned up the scrolling speed to max in System ...

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