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easiest and most secure way Please choose A or B, not both. really malicious programs Are we talking invasive virus software, like the stuff that came on Sony CDs? Either a carefully-configured virtual machine, like VMware Fusion, or an isolated physical machine. By "isolated" I mean not used for anything else and not connected to any network. ...


I've run in to this before and the only solution I'm aware of is to reformat your file system. Here's what I suggest you do: Boot off of your OSX install media and use Disk Utility to clone your OS image on to another drive. Reformat your main drive with the file system you want Restore the contents of your backed-up system to the main drive. You could ...


You could use the Folder Action for that. Right click on to your download folder select Folder Action Set up: Choose Covert PostScript to pdf action. done If you feel like modifying the script go ahead.

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