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In my experience for Mountain Lion, determining which display is the primary display is usually achieved by dragging the white Menu Bar (circled in screenshot below) onto the graphic of another display, thus setting the other display as the primary monitor.


You can set it via the command line: osascript -e "set volume input volume 100" I have found that OSX Polycom RealPresence Desktop has a similar annoying "feature" that adjusts the mic input volume down, but never back up. My workaround is to have this line in my crontab: # Check every minute for mic input < 100%; if it is, dial it up elegantly * * * ...


I resolved this problem. If anyone else runs into it in the future just go to chrome settings and then go to advanced settings and reset settings. It just brought me to default. Something in my settings was causing it. Honestly have no idea what it was.

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