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Take a look at below screens. Two steps, two arrows. Press double square to open tabs and then + to open new tab.


You can open a new tab in Mobile Safari by tapping on the icon at the bottom right. If the icon bar at the bottom doesn't show up, tap on the top row (where the clock and the status indicators are) first. There is a lot of good documentation on http://support.apple.com/ as well.


It is certainly possible to make changes in iOS Safari without a Jailbreak. Don't know exactly about Reader View, but the general algorithm is: make backup to your computer; decrypt backup file with special tools; find Safari and edit its contents. Also for Safari you can use plugin CustomReader II.


Force quit did not work reliably for me in iOS 8. What did is using private mode for testing: Open the page in private mode (and bookmark it so you can open it later). When you need to refresh, close browser "tab" (you can stay in Safari and private mode). Open the page again (use the bookmark you created in step 1).

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