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I had the exact same trouble, though using the window.navigator.standalone attribute, code fixes it all. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ // iOS web app full screen hacks. if(window.navigator.standalone == true) { // make all link remain in web app mode. $('a').click(function(...


The viewport is set by the amount of screen space your device has, so when you look at a webpage on a pre-retina iPad, an iPad Air and an iPhone each one can show different amounts of the page. The formatting for the page you are viewing is set by the page, and if its elements are not positioned relative to the edges of the viewport then they can be rendered ...


It is a difficult thing to retrieve the deleted browser history if you don't have backups, but don't worry, if the data are still not overwritten, there is a strong possibility that deleted browser history can be retrieved with some professional tools.


Not endorsing this practice, but yes, there is a way that sometimes works... Go to Settings, then Safari, then scroll to bottom and select 'Advanced' and then 'Website Data'. Selecting from there should show you history.

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