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Settings → Safari → disable Show Favorites Bar.


Manually enter your username and password. Tap "Passwords" right above your keyboard. Tap "Save This Password." It still won't autofill when you first load the page, but now you can tap in the username field and hit "Autofill Password." There seems to be no way to actually reset the "Never for this site" setting. Sounds like a job for ...


To answer the OP's question, "What are my options if I want to use full web (desktop) features from my iPad? Anything besides FakeWeb?" In Mobile Safari for iOS 9.x, if you wish to see the desktop version of a given website, do the following. After navigating to the website, select the share button. (Square with a arrow pointing up out of it.) ...


There is no standard for communicating to all web servers that you want a desktop render when you are using Mobile Safari. As you probably know, the agent string is used by almost all web sites to decide which code base to serve and with javascript, you will have some web sites making drastic changes to what you see based on what they "detect" your browser. ...

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