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If you have been using Photos only since migration you can safely delete it. The purpose of the migratedPhotoLibrary is so you still can use iPhoto with your old pictures (and perhaps import new ones to iPhoto only, if you have done this, then no, don't delete it.) After deleting it you can delete your iPhoto app as well.


Remove accounts.plist file from /Users/username/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/ as well as /Users/username/Library/Preferences/ Log out, then log back in. Try it again.


Assuming the Mac Mini is compatible (the flat, all-aluminium ones are) the simplest way to move the whole server is do exactly that - copy the entire drive. Get Carbon Copy Cloner, reboot the Mini in Target Disk mode and connect it to the MacBook with a suitable cable. The Mini will appear as if it was an external drive. Open Disk Utility and reformat the ...


Tony, you might want to have a look at Migrating your Server You can migrate from OS X Server on Mavericks or Mountain Lion to another >computer using OS X Yosemite. Use the Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant >included with Yosemite to transfer your data before you open Server app. You can migrate ...

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