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If you have an existing Photos library and you want to import an iPhoto library use File -> Import (shortcut: cmd+shift+i) and select your iPhoto library. If you want a Photos library with just your old iPhoto library, hold alt (option) while starting Photos and select your iPhoto library.


You can keep using it, but not in parallel. Any changes made in one app will not be reflected in the other. Over time, things will diverge more & more. I would use one & stick to it for now. When you finally decide to go over to Photos full-time, then do a resync from your current iPhoto state, by deleting the Photos Library & importing again. ...


It is likely that the drive is toast. Disk utility is designed to see everything on any bus that looks like a drive. You could try zapping the PRAM, or as the kids call it these days, "resetting the SMC." Google will help you find instructions for that. Failing that you could try putting the internal drive in an external enclosure, which will mostly tell ...

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