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If earphone are attached, your input audio will be the earphone mic. The difference between the both depends of the quality of your earphone...


You can set it via the command line: osascript -e "set volume input volume 100" I have found that OSX Polycom RealPresence Desktop has a similar annoying "feature" that adjusts the mic input volume down, but never back up. My workaround is to have this line in my crontab: # Check every minute for mic input < 100%; if it is, dial it up elegantly * * * ...


You need something to work with XLR mic's such as TASCAM’s iXZ. Search for "xlr iPhone microphone" to find other's that might fit your needs better.


New motherboard comes with new SMC controller. I would suggest your run a Reset-SMC on yours to correctly identify hour hardware.


From http://www.modmic.com/pages/faq: For Macs you'll need a power source like an iMic to use the line-in, or an adapter like this to use the headset jack, or and adapter like this to use a USB port. Unfortunately, I do not have the reputation to link what was referenced in the FAQ, you'll have to visit the FAQ yourself.

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