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I have just done this - for skype recording and it works: My settings are almost identical to yours except: - in skype I have the microphone as my mic - not as the aggregate device. I have also added my headphones (!) as part of the multi output device. ie headphones + built in + soundflower (2 chan) I can now record the entire skype video + audio + the ...


To corroborate, my BT speaker-with-mic (a FuGoo) and BT-capable car (a 2012 Mazda) will will route microphone input and speaker output to Siri, but only if she's summoned by button press (long press of the play/pause button on the speaker, long-press of the iPhone's home button in the car). Neither will work with "Hey Siri". I suspect that one obstacle is ...


After just testing your idea out with my B&O H7 Headphones (that have a mic built in for calls) I can say that Hey Siri didn't work for me unless I was right next to my phone (which means the device's microphone picked it up) Siri's voice didn't even get routed out to the headphones and I've checked and the headphones are the current audio output device. ...


Yes, generic earphones/headphones/earpods will work fine with an iPhone. I have several non-Apple headphones and earphones from various manufacturers and they've all worked, including the play/pause, ff/rw, volume buttons. As long as you purchase from a reputable company and manufacturer, like you've indicated in your question, you'll be ok.

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