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It used to be that two USB audio interfaces/mics would require you to create an aggregate device in order to use them both at the same time with OS X. As this was still the case in early 2014 (see the Macworld article, below), it probably is still the case today. However, there are differing reports when it comes to identical USB devices. Back in 2011, an ...


Insert a Minijack (headphones) in the Macbook's minijack input, option click on the Volume item in the Menu Bar and select use Audio Port for input:


Probably too late but for anyone else who may look for info on this: I have used the Blue 'Yeti' to do quite a lot of recording into Garage Band on an iPad2. don't know anything about the other mic you mention but the Yeti is great for that price range in my experience. I used a Belkin powered USB hub (+CC kit)as a work around successfully until one of ...


Update: Found that the 'Show Record Enable' function had been disabled. To enable it, right click on a track, Track Header Components > Show Record Enable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UrRzbLvsqc#t=36 You can then click the record button for each track you want to record simultaneously.

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