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The camera, Bluetooth module, keyboard and trackpad all connect internally via USB. No LVDS cable is required or used by the camera. The internal microphone is connected directly to the audio controller. Take a look at About This Mac from the Apple menu, go to More Info > System Report, and look at the devices listed in the USB category to see the various ...


Uninstall your audio drivers and restart. Just use the Microsoft default driver. If it still not working, just press the middle button once. It seems like the problem comes with these buttons, not the mic.


Make sure you've selected the Plantronics device in the mic chooser window in the Hangouts settings once the Hangout has begun (gear icon.) Change the default setting (which should be the internal mic on the Mac if there is one:) To Plantronics: (I have the Blue Snowball connected in this screen cap.)

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