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You can set it via the command line: osascript -e "set volume input volume 100" I have found that OSX Polycom RealPresence Desktop has a similar annoying "feature" that adjusts the mic input volume down, but never back up. My workaround is to have this line in my crontab: # Check every minute for mic input < 100%; if it is, dial it up elegantly * * * ...


You can use the earphone portion of the headset by plugging the appropriate cable into the audio output jack on the Air. The Air does not support plug-in microphones as it only has 1 analog output jack. The boom and Startech splitter will not be of use in this configuration. My recommendation would be to purchase a Mac-compatible stereo headphone + mic to ...


You need something to work with XLR mic's such as TASCAM’s iXZ. Search for "xlr iPhone microphone" to find other's that might fit your needs better.

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