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OS X Photos app has this functionality built in, under Image -› Adjust Date and Time. It opens a dialog showing current time stamp and prompting for corrected one. If multiple images were selected, date and time of the first photo is shown; the adjustment is used to calculate time shift to apply to all selected photos.


Here is a quick something to get you started. If you also want the filename changed too, then it is easy to add in the copy section... set dpath to "/some/path/some/where/" set qdpath to quoted form of dpath # Choices of apps to use depending what files you have # mp3 set tapp3 to "/usr/local/bin/id3v2 -t " # m4a set tapp4 to "/usr/local/bin/mp4tags -s " ...


What you're asking, technically, can be done however not automatically. In other words you'd have to add back the songs to the Library and then manually edit the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file to restore the non-encapsulated meta data. I'd first manually restore the hierarchal folder structure as needed, that's missing, into the existing ...

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