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Wouldn't it be Settings -> Notifications -> Messages -> Repeat Alerts -> Never?


Just solved the identical symptoms - thought it was el Capitan because the service stopped working the same day I ran the 10.11.3 upgrade, but in fact LittleSnitch was blocking identityservicesd from contacting IMRemoteURLConnectionAgent. As soon as I deleted the rule all was happy. I would assume that any firewall could be doing the same thing. I was ...


k B) :D :* ;) :> :o <3 :3 :d :p


I ended up getting the SQLite Browser and opening the ~/Library/Messages/chat.db file then searching and navigating through the texts there.


I ran into this question earlier today. Figured out that I had to just drag the scroll bar between the conversation pane on the right and the pane on the left that shows the contacts over to the right and then the names showed up. That menu does not appear on my MacBook Air running 10.11.2 or my iMac running 10.11.1. Seems easier once you know you can just ...


I found 2 ways of doing that. Depending on your needs and preferences, you choose what you want. 1. The flexible way Open the And enter the following command: sqlite3 ~/Library/Messages/chat.db Now you are in the database of the Messages app of your mac. Enter the following commands (but don't include the sqlite> as this one was added ...


You may try going to .../Library/Messages/Archive and look for the specific date/phone number. It should allow you to pull up the conversation. Good luck!

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