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There's 2 different things here which are not pretty clear. First of all, there's SMS and iMessage. And like explained on this blog you can restrict iMessages from giving a notification if you decide you want contacts only (since iOS6). This does not work for SMS. With iOS the name of Show iMessage alerts from changed, but the functionality remained the ...


if you want to send Flash SMS on iPhone, use the following app : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flash-sms-class-0/id723491224


As far as I know this isn't possible, I checked the iPhone, iPad and Mac version but this setting is nowhere to be found. As for changing it through terminal or fiddling with program files, that will only change the setting on the mac.


So long as your children have iMessage turned on Settings.app > Messages > Turn iMessage *on*, you can determine which device you are messaging based on the color of your message bubble backgrounds or, in your specific example, the "Send" button color (while typing): Green = non-iOS dumb phones. Blue = iOS devices.

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