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Not really. You can schedule do not disturb but not schedule a change of a contact from favorite to not favorite, so that option blocks all non-favorites on a temporary basis.


You can try going to's Preferences (Messages > Preferences) from the menu bar. Within it there should be a tab 'Accounts' for you to connect your work account to iMessage. If your account appears greyed out, click it and check 'Enable this account'.


Install Karabiner Which can be found there: Karabiner: a keyboard customizer for OS X Make a private.xml Read the Karabiner documentation on the topic: private.xml Reference Manual Create the ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/Karabiner/private.xml with the following content: <?xml version="1.0"?> <root> <appdef> <appname>...


The problem is someone refusing to support Concatenated SMS, as @Andrew Ferrier noted. in a comment on Stu's answer. The spec makes for very dense, acronym-rich reading. However, there's a section that's relatively readable, which reads: 3.8.3 Text concatenation If the concatenation mechanism described in subclause is not ...


Since comes bundled with OS X, it seems that it got deleted somehow. To get the Messages app again (or any other pre-installed OS X app that is not available on the App Store), you will have to re-install OS X. The process does not erase any data. Alternatively, if you know someone who has the same OS X, you could copy from their ...


Here in iOS that's not currently possible, in fact when you've no connection and try to send a message, the Send button will be disabled, and even though you could successfully tap it before the connection goes off, the message wouldn't get sent and a red icon would appear on its right side, to alert you it was not sent and it won't until you don't get ...

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