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I use Alfred, a utility similar to Quicksilver. I had previously configured it to search /Volumes/Storage for apps, but never told it to stop trying to index that volume once I migrated to the new machine. I removed the /Volumes/Storage entry from Alfred's list of directories to index, and now the console messages have stopped.


To turn off Spotlight indexing for all mounted volumes: sudo mdutil -a -i off See the mdutil man page for other options.


The obvious thing to try is eject the Time Machine volume (or otherwise make it unavailable - turned off) and reboot the mac. mds will only use RAM when a program is asking it to supply spotlight answers. The files you have are using a large amount of space and being called upon. A clean boot should get your mds with little or no RSS until you start to ...


It is possible that Spotlight is the cause of the heavy RAM usage. You could try removing the truescript volume from Spotlight preferences and see if the heavy RAM use goes away. If it does, you have your answer. If not, open Console and type mds in the filter blank (top right). That should show all log entries for mds, and there may be a word or two ...


From Apple Support Communities, with some correction: Command-S at startup for Single User Mode Repair the files ystem as indicated on screen using fsck (took three runs) Mount the file system as indicated on screen, /sbin/mount -uw / Go to /Library/Caches and do rm -rf * Go to my home folder /Users/.../Library/Caches and do rm -rf * Remove a Spotlight ...


I have only seen that in relation to Time Machine timing out when preparing a network sparse disk image for backup.(and I've seen it on Snow Leopard and rarely on Lion - but lion is young) mds is very tightly intertwined in the time machine process, so it could just be time machine asking mds to do some work. You'll have to disable time machine and watch ...

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