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usually you are able to produce/edit/setup/maintain/distribute profiles with the Profile Manager as part of Mac OS X Server


This is actually a bug in iOS 8 (and 8.1). If you have guided access enabled when updating from iOS 7 it stops working. The fix is to turn it off, reboot the device, then turn it back on again.


So turns out there is no way to do this now. At least as far as I've been able to tell.


The MDM server only needs to be publicly available if you want to send commands to the devices while they are not on your LAN. Using a solution like Casper, you can have a piece of the MDM (a limited access server) in the DMZ, while the fully functional Casper server is behind your firewall. Communication with Profile Manager/MDM is a three way ...


The MDM server does need to be available by the device, but Profile Manager itself does not. In other words, the ability to access the Profile Manager doesn't need to be present on the device, providing the literal MDM server is accessible.

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