Mobile Device Management (MDM). A server platform that a company can deploy to centrally manage portable network-connected devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also applies to MCX/OS X management since Apple Store apps are now as much a part of OS X as they are for iOS.

Software, features and practices to manage mobile devices is critical for businesses and other organizations. This practice becomes helpful for deployments of tens of devices and becomes nearly mandatory when hundreds or thousands of devices are deployed.

Some basic features of MDM include:

  • Tracking lists of hardware
  • Enforcing security policies (e.g. mandatory passcode locks)
  • Distributing SSL or other security certificates
  • Distributing apps without end user action
  • Remote lock, track or wipe of devices
  • Centralized reporting of errors or usage
  • Automation of repetitive or error prone tasks
  • Standardization of device configuration
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