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If you have the Dejal Time Out app installed, I suggest you try the following steps which worked for me: Exit the “Time Out” app. Press, Cmd+Alt+Esc, locate Finder, press “Relaunch”. Restart an app where copy/paste does not work, and try it again. If this does not help, I'm afraid, you need to restart your computer.


I'm the author of Dejal Time Out. This issue appears to be an Apple bug; I've contacted them, and they told me that it is a known issue with no workaround. See this FAQ item for more information.


According to RansomWhere's own site the data is stored in /Library/RansomWhere/installedApps.plist - a list of applications already present on the system. /Library/RansomWhere/approvedBinaries.plist - a list of binaries explicitly approved by the user. /Library/RansomWhere/whitelist.plist - a list of safe binaries (that often legitimately create ...


I smell an impending death of a hard drive. For that case, I suggest an upgrade to an SSD will do. Not only you have a newer storage device but also you have a faster computer altogether. On a side note, if an SSD isn't your fancy, you can always purchase a new HDD, but go for the better models since it will benefit you more in the long run.

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