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I've solved the problem! Like I said, for some reason, I couldn't get the recovery mode to work (Cmd + R). Nor could I connect to the app store to (re)download the OS. I did, however, have another Mac. SO, I used the other system to download El Capitan, install it to a flash drive, which I used to wipe the "problem" system and reinstall the OS. I ...


use Cmd + Option + R to go into internet recovery then follow these steps https://support.apple.com/en-nz/HT201314


This is likely because on a large network IP address your computer uses was previously associated with another device with a different name (the one appearing in your terminal). I tried setting my hostname like gentmatt suggested but rather than use his code, the following worked for me: sudo hostname <new-host-name> To make it permanent, you can ...


AppSC is malware. Download, install and run the free app Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. It will detect it and you will be asked to remove it (and some other potentially installed malware). If you can't download/install the anti-malware app because everything is sluggish, you have to move or remove the responsible plist file(s) in ...


Whatever it is, it's definitely not normal and it is caused by 3rd party software. I can't find out anything about it on the internet, so you should probably take your computer into an Apple Store and have them look at it. I would need to see the path to the executable to figure it out. Have you tried force quitting the process?

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