Apple Mail, the email client application provided with OS X

(also known as Mail.app or Apple Mail) is an program included with Apple Inc.'s OS X operating system. Originally developed by NeXT as NeXTMail, a part of their NeXTSTEP operating system, it was adapted to become OS X's Mail application following Apple's acquisition of NeXT.

The current version of Mail utilizes the , , and protocols, and supports , AOL, , (formerly ) and . features a mobile version of Apple Mail, .

File System Directories

Mail stationary templates are stored in the following directory on OS X 10.9.2


Databases for each folder and each account within Mail are stored in the following directory on OS X 10.9.2



OS X 10.8

  • ReplyWithHeader - Customize the reply/quote format/message
  • GPGMail - GPGMail plugin.
  • Delete2Archive - Remap DELETE key to ARCHIVE in Apple Mail for better Gmail folder compatibility.
  • MailPluginFix - Fix Apple Mail plugin compatibility issues.
  • Send Later - Schedule time-dependent emails for sending at a later time.
  • NoFlaggedMailbox - Remove the Flagged mailbox from Apple Mail Mountain Lion.
  • DesktopOne - spam filter for Mail.app and Outlook 2011.
  • CargoLifter - Uploads attachments to the cloud, and adds the corresponding links to the end of your email.
  • Face2Face - Adds new sources for sender images like Facebook, Gravatar, as well as its own image database.
  • Emoticons - Add emoticons to emails.
  • ComposeIT - Toolbox to enhance composing and replying to messages.
  • Attachment Tamer - Increased control over attachment handling.
  • ForgetMeNot - Scans email for special keywords referring to attached files and reminds you if it cannot find an attachment when you try to send your email.
  • DockStar - Add badges to the Mail dock icon and click-able indicators to the menu bar.
  • MailHub - Helps you organize your email more efficiently
  • AttachmentsMenu - Indexes all Apple Mail messages that contain attachments and offers access to them via the menu-bar
  • Meta - Harness spotlight right inside Mail (custom keywords-driven smart folders) for better email management
  • FlaggedMails - Keep track of your flagged emails via the menu bar. Universal Mailer - Assists with solving sending email issues such as inline attachments/images, and configuring the default font for outgoing messages.
  • Growl Mail - Notification system.
  • Mail Clips - Copy attributes of multiple mail messages, add sender addresses to Address Book.
  • Letter Opener - Access Microsoft Outlook winmail.dat files.
  • MailRecent - Adds "Copy to Recent" and "Move to Recent" menu items.
  • MailFollowup - Adds a "Follow Up" item to a Message and contextual menus.
  • Herald - Growl-like notifications.
  • Eaglefiler - File your mail and other things.
  • SpamSieve - Spam filter.
  • Signature Profiler - Control signature-selection behavior
  • Mail Act-On - Keyboard organization for Apple Mail.
  • MailTags - Better organization of email.
  • QuoteFix - Position the cursor below the original message instead of above it
  • MsgFiler - Keyboard-driven quick filing of email.

OS X 10.6

  • Unsubscribe - Adds unsubscribe button via unsubscribe.com
  • Related Mail - Display related messages to viewed email.
  • mBoxMail - Hotmail support.
  • Mail Perspectives - Compact view of your email.
  • Mailboxer - Smart Mailboxes for your contacts.
  • Mail2iCal - Generates an iCal event or to-do item of the selected message.
  • MailHub - Helps you organize your email more efficiently
  • MsgFiler - Keyboard-driven quick filing of email.
  • MessageFont - Configure default font for Rich Text messages
  • TruePreview - Customize message status behavior
  • Mailtabs - Add Safari-style tabs.
  • GPGmail - Encrypt and/or authenticate email
  • Archive - Adds a keyboard shortcut and toolbar button for archiving messages.

OS X 10.5.x

  • Flagit! - Labels and colored flags.
  • Letterbox - Vertical columns.
  • HTTPmail - Hotmail and MSN support
  • Related Mail - Display related messages to viewed email
  • Growl Mail - Notification system
  • WideMail - Provides wide-format view option
  • MiniMail - Process mail from a tiny window
  • Eudora Mailbox Cleaner - Eudora to Mail migration.
  • Attachment scanner - Avoid the embarrassment of missing attachments
  • WideMail - A wider view.
  • MailAppetizer - Email notification.

OS X 10.4

  • IMAP-IDLE - Adds IMAP-IDLE support.
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