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If you simply want no filtering & wish to sort mail manually you can just disable Junk filtering altogether from Mail Prefs… Note: That doesn't actually appear to delete the Junk folder - but it does stop it being populated at all.


To forward with all headers intact, for phishing/fraud reporting etc, use Message > Forward as Attachment.


It appears to be a bug and has been reported to Apple. A discussion on the Apple forums mentions this same problem, OS X Yosemite mail stopped showing total inbox message count: This appears to be a bug. It is triggered when you view a smart folder - once you do, the count in the title bar will disappear until you restart mail. I filed this as a ...


I can see the attached image when I select add Signature: Do you have this? Does it work? I'm using 10.10.x


To modify Mail to use another language than the default system language open Terminal and enter defaults write com.apple.mail AppleLanguages ‘(“preferred_language”, “default_language”)’. In your example: defaults write com.apple.mail AppleLanguages ‘(“en”, “fi”)’ (assuming your default language is finnish)


The detailed Header view is a Menu bar Icon (you can set it up) that allows you to view headers from Received emails. To set it up right click on the mail menu bar and choose Customize. From the new screen drag the "All Headers" icon to your menu bar. Without some serious hacking, any email you send will also include the extended header information, same ...

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