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The duckhead is very simple and it's safe to swap. When you buy Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, you get various connectors that work with their whole range of AC Adapters. There are not different models.


I have long-term professional expertise regarding electrical safety. Legal power supplies have extensive and expensive certification and testing and manufacturing controls to ensure the user's safety. Some of the most safety sensitive aspects are: Isolation Voltage - How high a voltage may exist between the computer electronics and the mains wiring ...


The price difference between Apple's 85W and 45W power adapters has always been very small, which one could assume means that they probably use the same high quality components (wiring and connector) for both, with the only difference being the size and output of the adapter. This also makes sense from a manufacturing perspective, but naturally we will never ...


This definitely hurt my dad's Mac. He used my Air's charger for his 17-inch MacBook Pro, and it burned up his battery. When he called in a tech said it was a result of using the less powerful charger.


There are differences between the 2 (apart from size). The Magsafe 2 supplies a different voltage. The centre pin on the Magsafe 2 is a different size. It is possible the Mac may work with a different voltage (Apple does sell adapters), but using an older Mac with the new supply seems risky.


I'm pretty much sure there is some difference between MagSafe and MagSafe2 plugs. Another page for overview is right power adapter and cord from Apple. On other hand Apple has made it clear that an adapter with the same or higher wattage than originally provided may be used without problems. So should you have a chance to apply your MagSafe2 plug for your ...

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