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Yes, it may be dangerous. Cross wiring may short out your device.


I'm reluctant to touch this one with the limited information provided about the extent of damage, i.e. user assumes all risk. That being said the Magsafe cable provides power from an AC source so it is theoretically possible that if there is serious damage to the cable or adaptor that it could lead to a short circuit or power surge. The lightning cable ...


Yes - lightning carries decent amount of power. Crossed wires could short out a device. MagSafe - worse - more power, less room for error. The only upside there is the MagSafe in side of things is a bit more robust since it handles more power and if you blow the MagSafe on the Mac, it's a relatively inexpensive repair. Fixing the phone connector would be ...


Philips power plug I use this for traveling as they are often cheaper than the original. You can plug any philips power plug in the adapter. correct me if I am wrong, but I thought these were called philips power plugs


The folks at Twelve South make the Plug Bug adapter that would fit the bill. It costs a bit more than an exact replacement would probably be. I borrowed one for a month and used it every day. No worries about how safe it is to use it and it fast charges my iPad mini. There is also an international version if you travel or live outside of the USA.


Most Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) will likely have some that they could sell. Probably not new ones, but used ones or spares.


It is possible that some Apple Authorized repair sites have them, but I would say it would be a long shot as most of those stores just sell 30-pin cables, lightning cables, and power bricks; nothing else. Your best bet is to go to your local apple store (if you have one nearby) or just order it from apples website or a more reputable place like Amazon. It is ...


I used chewing gum to get the metal pieces out. That was the only resource I had at hand at the time, and it worked like magic!

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