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In my case my macbook's keyboard was disabled after being connected to a miscellaneous bluetooth trackpad somewhere in my house. I used keyboard shortcuts to get to System Preferences and disable bluetooth and fixed the problem that way. If your computer is connected to both a trackpad and a keyboard via bluetooth, you might alternatively have to locate ...


I haven't tried BTT Remote, but HippoRemote works well for me: http://hipporemote.com


Analyzing your Console log I came up with: you have dozens of different problems: RTC (Alarm) Follow the instruction here to fix that. Fix Yosemite rtc alarm wakeup issue Then you have the remote sharing and Management Enabled- I assume you know about that. You can see that here: From Ahmads-MacBook-Pro to Dec 6 19:47:32 ahmads-mbp.zte.com.cn ...

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