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Here's the solution that worked for me (YMMV): Turn off bluetooth Reboot your mac Put your bluetooth devices in "discoverable" mode Turn bluetooth back on You should be able to see / connect to your devices in System Preferences > Bluetooth now.


Either the Bluetooth issue (mentioned by Steve Moser) needs to be addressed... OR if the connection is fine... Go to System Preferences >> Mouse >> More Gestures and select the gestures you want.


Does the Bluetooth icon in the menu tray have a zigzag line through it indicating there is something wrong with the Bluetooth interface? I had the same issue of not being able to scroll and noticed that my Bluetooth connection had issues. A restart fixed my Bluetooth connection issue and my scrolling issue.


Disable the gesture and the re enable it again...


I found that just removing the batteries and cleaning the terminals with a paper towel on both the batteries and the mouse fixed the problem. I think the people who used paper spacers on the sides of the batteries and aluminum spacers on the negative end of the batteries actually just cleaned the terminals by removing and installing the batteries and the ...


Have you tried the MagicPrefs pane (http://magicprefs.com)? I suppose it can help. Or other tool that may help is BetterTouchTool (http://www.bettertouchtool.net).


So - It appears that they did remove this feature in Yosemite.

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