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I had the same problem and I think I spotted a possible cause of the problem. My mouse was called "My Name's mouse" with the apostrophe, maybe that was causing the errors. I have changed the name to avoid using spaces and special characters, now is called just "mymouse" and I don't seem to have the problem anymore.


I've had issues reconnecting my bluetooth keyboard & trackpad since upgrading to Yosimite. I run this script via custom Automator Application: Search for (Spotlight search) and run Automator Click "New Document" at bottom Choose "Application" for new file type Click on "Utilities" from list Double-Click "Run AppleScript" Replace (* Your script goes ...


I found a solution from this comment on reddit: Turn off wifi Reconnect Magic Mouse Turn on wifi again I just noticed that the above doesn't work sometimes and instead you have to reconnect the mouse after turning on wifi again: Turn off wifi Turn on wifi again Reconnect Magic Mouse

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