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As the 3,1 is essentially an unsupported machine [sadly] I'd go for a second-hand Apple card from eBay etc, to save any possible compatibility issues with a 3rd party new card that may never have been designed with the 08 Mac Pro in mind. The official Mac Pro RAID cards themselves come in 2 flavours, pre & post 2009 Unless it's a refurb, I would also ...


I have a MP1,1 that served me faithfully from October 2006 to around July of this year. Like you, I put a SSD in it and ended up with what is largely a new machine. Over those 7+ years I upgraded HD's, video cards, added some RAM and that's about it. Unfortunately the upgrade cycle ran out of steam this year. App Store submissions require Xcode 6 now, and ...


Short answer, yes. The MacPro 1,1 can run 10.7.5 as it's latest OS. I have a 2008 Black MacBook which runs the same. Despite being on an OS from 2011, you can still run the latest version (v7.1.0) of VMWare Fusion. You can also jam 32 GB of RAM in there. Plus, the Xeon from 2006 will almost be comparable to a Core i5 from a couple of years ago. Like ...


The main limitation is that it won't run a more recent OS X version than 10.7 (Lion), which probably won't be supported with security updates for much longer. I wouldn't put it on the Internet, but it should be fine as a VM host on your LAN.


Definitely Yes My 08 is still well worth keeping going - it's still my main machine, with up-rated GPU, SSD, & RAM. I see no reason why it shouldn't be worth keeping an 06 going for a while longer. Maybe Bootcamp rather than VM, if you need what speed remains in the machine. As you have plenty of drive bays, I'd Bootcamp to a different physical drive, ...


Download the AHT for your computer model and use the contents to restore the /System/Library/CoreServices/.diagnostics folder, then reboot while holding D to start the diagnostic tools. There's no need to burn something to disc.

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