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The LineIn free app worked great.


It's normal. Many computer components can generate high frequency noise under high load, mostly from power circuits, but fans are usually loud enough to cover them up. The GTX 780 in my desktop does this but I didn't notice it until I installed a liquid cooling system. If you're interested, this has some details of the components that can cause this kind of ...


Per the pmset man page: sleep - system sleep timer (value in minutes, or 0 to disable) So, your computer (Mac Pro, I'm assuming by the question tag) is set to sleep the system after one minute, but other sleep functions that depend on the system (putting the display to sleep, putting the disk to sleep, etc.) are set to run after the system is supposed ...


-What happens if you take the memory out and replace it with the original RAM? Does it work? -Have you tried re-seating the RAM? (e.g. take it out and put it in again, making sure it's fitting in the slots properly, and also making sure there's no dust on the RAM or in the slots...) -Is the RAM PC5300 DDR2 ECC? -Have you tried resetting the SMU? ...


You can set up a hot corner to turn the display off without going to sleep. Go to System Preferences → Mission Control → Hot Corners and set one of the corners to Put Display To Sleep. Wake the display by pressing any key.

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