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It's extremely strange that you were not getting EFI boot options to work from a wired keyboard. I note that the EFI startup commands you listed that worked used either the Shift key modifier or the Option AND Cmd modifier. The commands that didn't work used either Option OR Cmd. Hmmm... You do know that the keys that generate "Option" and "Cmd" keycodes ...


I know this is a bit late, but the Inateck cards using the FL1100 chipset from FRESCO work great because that's the same chipset used in later Mac Pros. Here is a guide to installing these cards How to add USB 3 to a Mac Pro for under 25 quid


The boot chime is always as loud as the volume when you turn off your mac. There are tools for mac to disable it I believe. I don't know wether those affect windows as well. EDIT: It seems the volume you set in windows has no control over the volume when booting again. So if you only use windows anyhow, boot into Mac OS (by holding the alt-key when ...

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