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Depending on the model year of the Mac mini, you could run Apples hardware diagnostics if supported. Shutdown your Mac mini. Turn back on and press and hold the keys: option + D during the grey screen before the Apple logo. If asked join a network and let it boot into the Apple hardware test. This will tell you if the fan is reporting an error along with ...


If it were me I'd probably just replace the fan, it's typically relatively cheap and the first thing to come out of most (maybe even all) Mac Minis.


I've just bought a Logitech C310 and it works perfectly on a 2014 Mac Mini running Yosemite. It cost about £25. I just plugged it in and made a video Skype call immediately. The video and sound quality are excellent. Please note - Logitech doesn't mention that it works on Mac. It does :)

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