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Over HDMI that machine can only do 1920x1200. Need Thunderbolt or MiniDP->DP or DVI to get 2560x1440 according to EveryMac & those screens have more input options than you could ever need; I'd go miniDP to miniDP as simplest solution. That's what I use here on the same monitor, but DVI-DVI on my second [different machine, different options]


If you're using a Windows keyboard, the Windows key is usually synonymous with option. Hold just the Windows key as the system boots and you'll get the... Options (get it?). Failing that, if you have an internet connection, try Windows+r. If you don't have a recovery partition it should go to internet recovery and download what it needs from Apple.


Both MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini have Mini-DisplayPort on them. You can connect the Mini-DisplayPort to an Minii-DisplayPort-to-VGA converter and then, connect VGA cable on it to a two-port VGA DDM KVM switch, such as ConnectPRO's UR-12+. I had been using this configuration for years without problem.


Actually it is better to look at the CPU load, that will result in heating up. Intel designs microprocessors to operate up to 110 Celsius, before the build in thermal switch kicks in to prevent self destruction. 70 Celsius is almost the standby temperature (room + CPU) Intel has made a easy to use app to check your CPU health. See if it works on your ...

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