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I've had the best results restoring from Time Machine to a freshly formatted drive. I did this for a machine with lots of system modifications, (httpd.conf, ssh_config) and all of these files were restored. When I did that with an OS in place these files were missed. There were no problems when I restored to a clean drive. Everything was restored properly. ...


This is completely doable. I recently swapped the 480 GB SSD from my MacBook Pro with a 250 GB SSD from my Mac Pro which was before part of a RAID0 configuration. Long story short, fired up setup, told it to recover from Time Machine and both machines were back in their previous state in no time. Technically, you should be able to just swap the hard drives, ...


If it can't read them, it will ask you if you want to reformat them. It won't reformat anything automatically.

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