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If the two different sized RAM modules have the same specifications (e.g. latency), you shouldn't have any issues. The advantages - more memory - outweigh the disadvantages of different sized modules - no interleaving memory.


I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro, formerly with 4GB of RAM. A few months ago, I bought an 8GB stick and made the exact setup you're describing. With the exception of one issue that lasted a few minutes one day (and that I have no proof was even caused by the RAM setup), it's been working perfectly ever since I did the upgrade. So yeah, you should be fine. ...


I can confirm 100% that you CAN in fact get 3840x2160 @30Hz 4K from a Late 2012 mini running 10.10.5 using only one MDP to DP cable. I'm writing this using a 2012 Mac mini (Intel HD4000 internal graphics card + 8G ram) with Dell P2815Q 4K monitor. How I achieved this: 1) Used Mini Displayport to Displayport cable that came with the monitor - MDP/thunderbolt ...


I have zero experience with Android, that said it may be that a driver or such (sync software for Mac?) might be needed for the Mac to 'recognize' the phone


I had this exact same problem with the "SDSharePointBrowser::handleOpenCallBack returned 65" error in the console. To fix it, I enabled, and then disabled, SMB and AFP file sharing in System Preferences. After a system restart the NAS then connects correctly via AFP.


I have tried several apps/servers but most of them are either not user friendly or have limited functionality. AirPics (yellowbek.com/airpics-app/) is limited to stream iPhoto and Aperture. Not user folders. AirPhotoServer (www.airphotohd.com) too much bugs in server app, just poorly written piece of code. PhotoStreamr (http://www.photostreamr.com) is ...


Apple's specs show that the late-2014 (which is still being sold today, October 2015) Mac Mini can support up to two displays using its HDMI and thunderbolt ports. I've confirmed this by trying to plug in 3 monitors directly into the ports on the Mac Mini (two via thunderbolt, 1 via HDMI), with the same results as the OP...one of the monitors is not driven. ...

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