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try this in terminal: xcode-select --install it brings up and downloads developer tools for you


You have to go through the App Store to get to 10.11 (technically not true-- you can buy El Capitan on a USB drive, for example). What I mean is you can't just go to and search for El Capitan and download it. After you have some version of 10.11, you can apply the 10.11.5 Combo Update (although you will not have to since you will get the latest, ...


Here's another way to find the Mac App Store downloads folder by enabling the debug menu: Quit the App Store Open Terminal Run command: defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool true Open the App Store Select the new "Debug" menu in the menu bar and choose "Show Download Folder..." Demo:


This worked perfectly for another App Store download stuck in "waiting". I quit the App Store, opened Terminal, pasted in code from Sheharyar's post above to clear cache, and pressed Enter. Restarted App Store and was able to begin my download immediately.


Here's what I had to do Upgrade OS X to the latest This stopped the eternal spinner - instead the spinner showed for a second, then nothing happened In the past, updating the App Store itself helped Go to the Updates tab and click UPDATE ALL App Store asked me for my credentials then ran all upgrades, including Xcode


Just clone from another mac using the required version you are looking for.


If you have already successfully redeemed your code: Go to the Purchased Tab of the Mac App Store. Click the Download button on the 10.12 Developer Preview listing. It is the same process as re-downloading anything from the Mac App Store.

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