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The App Store is simply not suitable for administration. Barely a quasi-package manager, it is not nearly as useful or reliable as real package managers like pkgsrc, FreeBSD ports, aptitude, RPM, macports or even softwareupdate. In my experience, it is unpredictable and a beard for commercial developers to hock their wares. So there is really only one ...


Without recoding the app the meet Apple's guidelines, you will have to rely on selling your software outside the MAS. Plain and simple I'm afraid. There is no way around Apple's guidelines. They are written for a reason; to protect users from having apps install malicious components or components that may damage their systems, to promoting an exceptional ...


Show the App Store's Debug menu: defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true Select Reset Application and restart the App Store Log in to the App Store through the Purchases tab. Reboot.

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