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Open iTunes on your Mac or PC. Click iTunes Store. Click Sign In. Enter your Apple ID and password. Click your Apple ID and select Account Info from the drop-down menu. Next to Purchase History, click See All. It might take a moment for your Purchase History to appear. To see the details for a purchase, click the arrow to the left of the order date. Your ...


Try resetting the Mac App Store. Enable the debug menu and restart the Mac App Store. defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true Choose the Reset Application option.


Got this sorted out. Quit App Store Use Activity Monitor to quit the following processes storeaccountd storeassetd storedownloadd storeinappd On Terminal delete the following folders: /Users/jj/Library/Caches/storeaccountd /Users/jj/Library/Caches/storeassetd /Users/jj/Library/Caches/storedownloadd /Users/jj/Library/Caches/storeinappd Restart app store ...


Ideally, Apple would offer a Mac equivalent to the iOS Developer Enterprise Program. Sadly, this is not currently offered. Contact Apple Contact Apple through Developer Technical Support or through the Mac App Store. They should be able to suggest the best approach – which Apple will support. At the very least, it will help prove demand for the capability. ...

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