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If you're wondering what the command line is to mount an ext4 partition using fuse and ext2fuse (e.g. when installed using MacPorts port install ext2fuse) - then firstly you need to work out where the Linux partition is: diskutil list This will list all partitions for all disks and amongst them you should see the relevant ones listed under the TYPE column ...


In AirPort Utility, turn off the backup feature, turn off disk encryption, and turn on disk sharing with a password. Now you can connect to the disk over the network using the AFP protocol. In most graphical file explorers you can now connect to the disk using the address afp://<ip-address-of-airport>. To easily configure scheduled backups to the ...


This thread is old, but i want to add some information that may be useful: On a Powerbook G4 A1138 (1,67 Ghz 15" late 2005) the above instructions didn't work out of the box. I used the finnix ppc rescue ISO, dumped with dd to the usb key. 1.) OF creates the devalias ud for the usb key in the left port. This ud alias maps to /pci@f2000000/usb@15/disk@1 2.) ...


I have successfully built and run Java 7 on my Mac OS X 10.5.8 PPC, exactly OpenJDK version 1.7.0-internal-landonf_2009_12_16_12_54-b00, using these instructions.


Unfortunately the answer is negative unless you are willing to switch to GNU command line utilities. OS/X command line tools derive from BSD sources which process command line arguments differently. This all boils down to usage of the library calls like getopt() in the standard C-library. OS/X command line tools use the standard library functions whereas GNU ...


Sometimes booting in Safe mode or in Verbose mode will ratify the boot log problems. Safe mode "Shift" Verbose Mode "cmd-v" or Press Option during startup Start up in Startup Manager, where you can select an OS X volume or network volume to start from.

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