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There’s a third-party package manager called Homebrew, which is in fairly common use in the Mac development community. It’s very similar to apt or yum on Linux systems, and will have a lot of the same packages. The easiest way to find out if a package is available is to Google for “brew <package name>” (as brew install is the installation command, not ...


If the Mac is new enough to support it [roughly late Snow Leopard or Lion as its original OS], Internet Recovery would be the way to go. Hold Cmd ⌘ R at the boot chimes to get started.


It should work if you don't have FileVault and if you plan to install it on a partition (which you probably do). You can just hold alt/option and it should show Macintosh HD, Recovery HD, and Linux (or whatever you named it). You can cycle through with arrows and hit enter to confirm. If that doesn't work, you might just install rEFInd :(

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