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In Keynote 6.2 this works: There is a built-in fade build for bullet points in Keynote. To use it, create your bullets, select the text box they are in, and go to the Build Inspector. There, select an Effect, then go to the Delivery drop-down menu. One option is By Highlighted Bullet. This option will fade the prior bullet point as a new one ...


You can drag them in from a Finder window copy and paste from somewhere else or use Insert > Choose... EDIT: you can also add the folders by dragging them into the media browser, as this article describes.


Yes that is possible - you need to exchange the template file within Keynote. First, save the presentation you want to use as a the new template with a .kth extension. Keynote will not directly let you do that, so you need to rename the file in Finder. Within the Keynote.app package, find the folder Contents / Shared Support / Templates. To change the ...


If you save out the files in a Pages format you will not get the errors. You generally only get those errors when trying to open documents from Microsoft Word or something similar. I am pretty sure there is no way to disable the warning though from the preferences or anything.

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