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Seconding user967594's answer, AppleScript is the way to go here. If you have a more recent version of Keynote than the one mentioned in the article, you can look at the AppleScript and Keynote pages over at


I was able to right click on the keynote file that wouldnt open and chose 'Show Package Contents' and then it showed me another keynote file inside the Keynote bundle. This inner file opened in Keynote for me.


You can't import photos directly from Facebook in Keynote for iOS, but you can add photos from your Camera Roll. And the Facebook app for iOS lets you save photos to your Camera Roll -- open the photo in Facebook, then select 'Save Photo' from the top right menu. You have to repeat this process for each photo you want to include in the presentation, but ...


The Pages 5.5.3, Numbers 3.5.3, and Keynote 6.5.3 applications and later have a means to convert the single-file format ( document format into a package file format ( It is not advisable to manually do this as has been posted. Pages File menu: Advanced : Change File Type : {Single File, Package}. ...

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