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Keynote '09 supports chart builds, where individual segments/series of a chart can be separated in a build and animated individually. You can select the chart builds along with the other builds in the Build selector. You can find more information about creating a chart build in Keynote '09 in the Apple KB article: Keynote '09: Creating a Chart Build


It's not possible to change this color scheme within Keynote. You can only define the following styles/color schemes: - Form styles - Text styles - Diagram styles - Table styles The preset color schemes you mentioned are probably "hardcoded" somewhere in the Keynote package files.


Using the Keyboard System Preference, in combination with the Greek keyboard, I was able to get this to work. Open System Preferences > Keyboard Select the Keyboard tab and check Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar. The flag of your default language should now appear to the right of the Date/Time menu item. Select the Input Sources tab > Add ...


Try this: Rename a copy of one of the broken presentation to have an .zip extension: Bad_Presentation copy.key > Bad_Presentation copy.zip. Then right-click on Bad_Presentation copy.zip and choose Archive Utility from the Open With> command. This will unpack the presentation into a folder named Bad_Presentation. Take this folder, give it a new name, ...


You might want to consider exporting the slideshow into a Quicktime movie and present that way instead of through Keynote. If the contents don't change much, or at all, this is easiest. You can use iMovie to splice the two movies together. Make sure to set the movie to loop.


This solution requires using Terminal. Do the following: Make a backup copy of your file Open Terminal.app In the Terminal window, type cd (that's with a space after the cd) then drag your file to the window. It should insert the full path of your file (e.g. /Users/me/Documents/My\ Great\ File.pages). Copy and paste the following command as a single line ...


Selecting the box turns out to be easy (but is undocumented). You just click outside the box first, and then click inside the box. If one then selects text inside the box, one is able to select a tab labelled Text, when you can control Font and Font Size. Other tabs control other aspects of the text.

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