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Nothing. The file's contents won't be modified by the deletion of the Spotlight index. It's still in the location that you saved it to.


There is no way to set Keynote to behave that way. Alternately you can have a pair of iOS devices doing the presentation (one to control one to present) and have your computer free to you to use during the presentation. -note: be aware that the presentation, particularly transitions and some media may not work identically, on an iOS device, as it does on a ...


By looking at the images you’ve posted it seams that the second palette is obtained by opening a PowerPoint presentation via Keynote: the arrangement of the dark to light shades/tints is opposite and the shades of white-grey-black at the bottom of the palette are quite different. I assume that you have to create a palette in PowerPoint (the so called Accent ...


Turns out, according to several sources you can't do it. You would need to separate the lines (i.e. not use connection lines).

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