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The solution I came up with (that I'm not happy with, but works) is to duplicate the slide, ungroup everything, adjust opacity for the things I want dimmed, and transition between slides with dissolve.


I've built a small demo Keynote file (v5.1, on Mac OS 10.6.8, hope you can open it) -- this does what you're trying to achieve. At start only group 1 is fully opaque, then after each click, group 2 and 3 gain full opacity while the other groups are 50% transparent. I've solved the 0.1s flicker by putting a copy of the groups underneath group 2 and 3 and ...


I had decimal tabs bult into a text block and when using the Tab key, it pushed lines from the far left. Holding the OPTION key don while tabbing makes it work correctly....Bizarre behavior


Interesting. You can find some nice examples on Themeforest, they should have a big list of such items. http://wisset.com/premium-keynote-templates/

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