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The desktops you want to set in the shortcuts menu should exist when you open te preferences. When you add one with the settings screen open, it doesn't refresh the list. Just open and close the preferences.


Go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and choose Emoji. The full range of available emoji will become available through the 'globe' icon to the right of the '123' icon.


Whilst you can pair one master with many slaves, as far as I'm aware, you cannot connect one slave to many masters simultaneously. You need to un-pair & re-pair each time. There is a rather complex guide to piconet & scatternet technology at the Bluetooth Developer Portal Bluetooth v4.0 spec distinctly says it cannot be done, however v4.1 says it ...


From what I can test empirically here, the text replace function handles 'letters' differently from 'other characters'. For instance, I can replace ## with € in the middle of a word, yet I cannot make qq do the same thing, it demands either a space, or for me to click on the confirmation box that springs up. I'd perhaps suggest as a workaround, use a less ...


Use the Snipping Tool that ships with Windows, it's made for that exact purpose. The Windows help page is here, info found using this search tool ;-)

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