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I work for the TSA and no, we cannot see that the device is jailbroken, nor do we care that it is jailbroken...


is your pc/laptop recognize the iphone (after connect to pc)?. try connect usb cable with pressed home key.


Duet Ex-Apple Engineers turn your iPad into an extra display. Now for Mac & PC. http://www.duetdisplay.com/us Air Display "You have a bunch of different options to turn your iPad into a second display, but we’ve had the most consistent luck with Air Display." https://avatron.com/applications/air-display/ iDisplay "iDisplay app ...


An app called Duet can make your iPhone a display for your Mac.


Easily spoken, you could say ispw files are not complete. They're missing that so-called signature. It's like a contract; it has no value without the signature. Every time you install new firmware on the iPhone, iTunes calls to the Apple servers and ask for that approval signature. For numerous reasons, Apple doesn't give out those signatures for older ...


iOS won't run unless Apple signs the IPSW. So, unless you get Apple to sign the software in and save a copy of that signed certificate, you can't use that IPSW now that the window to get Apple to sign it has passed. Sort of a sad trombone, game over situation.


The problem I see is that there is not exclusive access to the NAND disks. The restoration software is attempting to update a live file system that is also in use by the current ios os


I know it`s been a while. @SomewhereThere's answer is good for any version before IOS9. Since IOS 9 You may disable vibration from the alarm menu per alarm independently. In the alarm settings. When you add a new alarm time, you can select sounds > vibration and set it to ”none”. You can also edit existing alarm schedules to disable vibration ...

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