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go to C:Windows/System32/Drivers/Etc and open the hosts file in notepad and at the botton of the text file add this: (Numer Symbol) GS.APPLE.COM (Numer Symbol) GS.APPLE.COM (Numer Symbol) GS.APPLE.COM then Save! (You may save it on the desktop and then replace it with the old one)


If you have made a backup before you made the jailbreak you can do it easily with itunes.


@IronCraftMan No it wouldn't work Is correct you would be better off making a backup with iTunes and using some tool to save your SHSH blobs so you can downgrade, there are some jailbreak backup utilities but I cannot vouch for the validity or security of them.


Yes, use Cydia Impactor. It is available in the Telesphoreo repository (of Cydia), in the Utilities category.


You won't be able to restore 8.x anymore because apple isn't signing off on that version. You'll need to restore to the latest 9.3.2. Yes you will lose your jailbreak and erase your phone by doing that, but the backup should put your settings back. Keep in mind since your phone was jail broken and in a questionable state due to your son messing with it, ...


Put your iPhone in DFU mode and that should help you restart your iPhone once again. To put your phone in DFU mode, do the following: Connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes. Press and hold the lock button for 10s. Without releasing the lock button, press and hold the home button for 10s. Release the lock button but keeping holding the home ...


Dictation and Siri uses the front facing microphone. This is separate from the microphone voice memo uses. I thought there was only one microphone on iPhone 6 which initially let me to believe Siri/dictation not working was a software configuration issue. If the microphone is defective you won't hear audio after you record a selfie video saying "Steve Jobs ...

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