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Just remove this tweak (StatusHUD 2 - 2.0.0)


Try respringing. If you have SSH access, login as root or mobile (doesn't matter which) and type respiring This will temporarily make your phone freeze. It will bring you back to the lock screen when done. Alternatively, if you don't know how to install/use SSH, install SBSettings from Cydia. It will respiring your device when it's done. (When you ...


Try clearing the Springboard cache by running uicache as mobile then respringing.


because either the app or your jailbreak went wrong somewhere. It shows just fine on my phone. Try re-installing the app, or in iTunes - Backup; Reset; Restore.


Apple doesn't sign iOS 7 for the iPhone 4s any more which means that you can't install it, regardless of what your current version of iOS is. However, you may be able to do a semi-restore using semirestore7.


Firstly ask your parents to turn on your iPad and connect it to the local network. If you have remote administration on your router you'll be able to do the next steps yourself, else you'll need your parents to do it. Login to your router's administration page Get the external IP address of your router (if you can set up dynDNS this will make your life ...


Yesterday I was stuck in boot loop after erasing my iPhone using iCloud and it was going normally and it after that the screen of death appears.. I search a lot and I looking around I found nothing but restore and I didn't wanna upgrade to 8.2 IOS so I do hard reset several time like I do hard reset one time and it takes me to the homescreen and it give me ...

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