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Reboot and after Apple logo appears hold volume up until it turns on


it messed up my iphone's hardware, so i wouldnt recommend it unless you have warranty through apple, not your service provider. once you reset your phone, there will be no evidence of jailbreaking but if you take your phone to apple itll automatically be a hardware issue. be careful


A quick google search will give you these results: Mail icon SMS icon if you need them a specific size, import them to gimp and Scale them down.


Put it in recovery mode and restore from iTunes. To put it in recovery mode, turn the phone off if possible (by holding down the power button), if not possible hold down both the power and home buttons to do a hard power off. Finally, connect the Lightning cable while holding the home button, the phone should power up and then display the recovery mode ...


You can restore your iPhone follow this instruction OR ask Apple do the restore for you.


Not currently. You can read about how 8.1.3 has patched the loopholes required to jailbreak 8.1.2 and 8.1.1 on jailbreak nation's web site: Version 8.1.3 patches the exploits used in TaiG and PP Ghost causing a permanent loss in jailbreaking until another exploit is found (which can easily take months). I'm sure someone will update things if another ...


SafeMode v0.9.5000 is not working well on iOS 5.11 You should downgrade to v0.9.4000 See http://www.jailbreakqa.com/questions/304545/screen-is-unresponsive-to-touch-in-substrate-safemode-ios-421

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