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The default location for iPhone Backups is: $HOME/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup If the Macintosh HD doesn't have adequate free space and or adequate free space cannot easily be made available at the default location, then the following can be used as a workaround. First, if the iPhone is showing in iTunes eject it, then close iTunes. If ...


It should still be there on the Apps panel, though it's more confusingly-located than I seem to remember it used to be. You have to scroll right down past the Apps section where you can add/remove/arrange apps, and you'll eventually get to a File Sharing section with a list of apps that support file sharing. If you found your way there but the list is ...


You can keep your iTunes music. A subscription to Apple Music just provides you access to most of the music found in Apple's iTunes music store. It will not replace any of the songs that are found in your library. It is important to note that all of my songs were downloaded from the store itself. If you are worried about your songs being deleted or ...


Mr. Van Cool's fix did not work. Jaberg's suggestion worked, but I found an easier way to get to the "Convert ..." option. From the songs menu, right click on the songs with the bad time & "Convert to AAC" is in the popup menu. Fixed 4 songs in under a minute, added the M4A files to my playist, and burning to CD worked as expected.

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