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This is a long-term issue for Windows 10. I've seen problems with all 5.1 sound going back 18 months. Most posts I've seen say to try this: Go to your Windows Sounds settings Under Playback, select Speakers and go to their Properties Under Enhancements, deselect the Disable all enhancements checkbox Activate the Enable Speaker Fill checkbox and click Ok ...


You can go into iTunes on a computer and go into her account. From there you can look at all past purchases (also includes free apps) made with that account. Find the apps that are on the device but not in her account. Those will be the apps from the previous owner.


if you taking about the iTunes Store navigation, this will reflected our current store country (I presume Mexico as per iTunes terms and condition you should match the iTunes Store country with your billing address). You can still go on and select your language. iF is the actually application itself you want to go ...

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