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I'm not sure whether your approach is fundamentally wrong, or not, but I've never done it that way - this has always been my approach To get another user's purchase to that iTunes account, you need to go to Apps > App Store > [scroll right to the bottom] Purchased > Apps > [User Name]


Yes. Gift balances are preserved. In fact, I use a gift balance to avoid charging the family organizer for my primary Apple ID. I want to pay for my apps and be part of the family to share apps and calendars and reminders easily. This lets me use my Credit Card to buy gift cards (usually at a substantial discount from Costco) and/or use Apple Pay and ...


The normal procedure is to add a valid billing source and buy something that uses all the credit and then do the switch. If for whatever reason, you can't add a valid credit/debit card for your current region, then asking for help from iTunes store support is the best bet. https://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/ You could even ask them if there is ...


Since the Apple App Store has standardized price points ($0.99, $1.99, etc), you won't find an app that is $0.80 unfortunately. There isn't any way to search by price in the app store, but services such as AppAdvice.com and others can help a bit. My recommendation is that you choose an app that you want, figure out the price, including tax. Ask a friend ...

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