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The App Store requires you to have a valid Apple ID (normally an e-mail address) in order to download any content from there. However, you do not need to add payment methods when following this guide: Create an iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store account without a credit card or other payment method


You could state that your game is under development for iOS, and if you are waiting for approval you can state it is submitted to the App Store or that it is Waiting approval for the App Store. In Apples documentation it is known as 'Submitting Your App to the Store'


The specific way to redeem depends on how you obtained your gift card, whether it's digital or physical, and which device you want to redeem the gift card through. From Apple's guide ("iTunes on Mac or PC" section): Depending on where you want to redeem your code, open iTunes, the Mac App Store, or iBooks. (Make sure that you have the latest version ...


Apple tends to do this because of competitors, I have been going through this for months now and have had at least 6 songs deleted. I downloaded them again, and thankfully apple had let me get them for free. but now, apple is making me purchase them. I am fed up. but heres a tip that hopefully help you out, download them on another website or platform. try ...


Per Apple, if you rent a movie on an iOS device or AppleTV, you cannot move it to another device or computer. (The reverse, however, is possible - you can rent on a computer then transfer to an iOS device.)

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