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The best way to handle an iPod Restore is to do it from iTunes. iTunes knows what it is & how to format it - it will even actually format differently depending on whether you have iTunes on a PC or Mac, to enable easier file handling afterwards. If it's a model with a lock switch at the top [red dot visible] switch the lock off first [white dot] - ...


My old classic used to do that kind of trick to me periodically. I always suspected that the disk format was not particularly robust. I found the only way to get it going again was to Restore it in iTunes & reload the whole library again - don't plan on being in a hurry, it takes ages. One thing I did learn over the years was to always leave the lock ...


There are multiple ways to access them. If you wish to do so from the device, you will need to (re-)compile some developer tools/tool-chains for the ARM CPU and load them onto the idevice. If you wish to do so from the computer (either Mac or Windows), there are apps for doing so that you would need to install. The only other option I would suggest would be ...


This is a "solution" to anyone who's home button has completely fallen out to the point where you can see the metal that's inside. The home button is connected to a piece of copper which leads upwards and disappears behind the screen sort of. Having 100% battery and being really pissed off that I was going to have to wait (and already having a really beat up ...


Put in the sim from your 6+ to get past that screen. Then take it out. Only needs it to get past that one screen.


i was able to reverse tether my iphone 4s using my ethernet connection through a windows 7 laptop , but not through a Mac Laptop/MacPro . That is quite unsatisfactory for apple users but still shows that it is possible to use existing ethernet connection to provide internet to Iphone.

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