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Buy a new drive When you are certain the drive is broken (and this does happen), you can buy a new drive (for example on ebay). You can find another link to buy the drive, and an installation guide on how to install the drive on iFixit I had similar issues and replaced the drive with succes. It is not so hard to do it yourself.


You can't add new music to your iPod if you haven't synced your iPod with your iTunes before and yes, all your music would be deleted from your iPod and be replaced with the iTunes-library. But what you can do is, you can use a software to copy all your music etc. to your Mac and than you can sync it with this Apple Mac. I used iMazing(formerly DiskAid) ...


I would recommend to: Charge the battery to about 30% Read more here: Store it in dry and cool place.

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