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hold the power button and home button at the same time until the white apple logo appears be patient whenever this happens its a minor glitch in the iOS


You need to create a playlist with all of your music in iTunes, add that playlist to you iPod, and then when you select the playlist, you are given the option to shuffle the playlist at that top of the list.


If you didn't back up the photos, they're gone, sadly. If you connected the iPod to the computer, iTunes may have backed them up without you realizing it, So check there first. If you enabled iPod backups, you can send iPod on any other device and manage the storage to see if the iPod has a backup. If so, you can restore that back up on to pretty much any ...


This is the generally first aid when a device gets wet. TURN IT OFF as fast as possible. Don't even think about turning it on again till you are very sure it is dry. Don't try charging or plugging it in. Water and power do not mix well. While leaving it off and unplugged, stick it in a bag container with dry rice. Rice ascorbs moisture, and if there is ...

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