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Only restarting you iPod will not erase your pictures. But for your Convenience you can plugin in you iPod on your computer or mac and make a backup with iTunes. It you reset your iPod than your data will be lost. So make a backup with iTunes before.


You are probably looking for this kind of cable/adapter : on Amazon Previous answer : The Left AUX Jack. It's for a "simple" jack 3.5 cable.


What ever was downloaded under your Dads Apple ID stays his. Any app download under his Apple ID will continue updates under his Apple ID. You can not change that. Sign out of your Dads Apple ID. In order to change that and have your apps, you need to use your Apple ID and re-download stuff to be yours from now on, including updates to your apple id. ...


Offline tracks obtained through apple music do not sync across to ipod. Its a shame really, they could easily put a timer on the songs, so if the ipod is not plugged into registered device every so often, the songs will become locked.

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