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You can follow the troubleshooting options here, and if it still does not work, please let us know. It's also sounding like there's a possibility of a failed HDD in that iPod. Using diagnostic mode, can you give us the details on the "Memory" SMART test?


If you are on a Mac, be sure you formatted the iPod's HDD as "Extended, Journaled". For Windows, use Fat32. It's named "untitled" as that is the default name used when reformatting any drive. You can rename it manually by clicking the drive icon in Finder. In iTunes, look for the iPod in the series of icons upper left, or try clicking the ellipsis (. . .) ...


Apple Music is not available on iPod nano and iPod shuffle. See footnote 3: http://www.apple.com/uk/music/


What ever was downloaded under your Dads Apple ID stays his. Any app download under his Apple ID will continue updates under his Apple ID. You can not change that. Sign out of your Dads Apple ID. In order to change that and have your apps, you need to use your Apple ID and re-download stuff to be yours from now on, including updates to your apple id. ...

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