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I'm pretty sure sure that any time one of your devices is plugged into iTunes it's going to update the play counts regardless of whether or not you have "manually manage music and videos" turned on. More than likely this is because the metadata is completely separate from the fact that you are manually managing the syncing of songs to and from devices. I'm ...


If you manage to find the project file that you can sideload using Xcode on a Mac, you can get f.lux without jail breaking.


I did a search in the App Store using the search criteria "iOS 6" and a bunch of apps came up. I checked a few, and the ones I checked all said they were compatible with iOS 6.0 and later. If there is a certain type of app you're looking for, I would imagine using the search criteria "iOS 6 music," for example, may bring up music apps compatible with iOS ...

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