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Funny question - never loose the flow... The only way I see is that you install a tool like Airfoil and have your Mac simulate an AirPlay device. Then once you get home and your iPod is logged into your WiFi you could select your Mac as the speaker.


Unfortunately, it would not appear at all if they did a root hardware restore (basically some jailbreak methods). There is a possibility (as tron_jones points out) that you must use a password in order to turn off Find My iPhone, but if the person was skilled in iPhone theivery, they will know how to restore the phone without this. If they are not, they ...


The technical term you are looking for is "it's busted" If I read the sequence correctly, you disconnected a major component while the device was operating and now it is unresponsive. Some electronic components can be disconnected without damage, others don't like it and express their displeasure by declining to work again. Bare minimum, you will need ...


Well, looks like it was a problem in the profile. I was able to successfully deployed app to the old iPod Touch in this configuration.


To show all music, you will want to go to: Settings -> iTunes & App Store In there, under "Show All" set Music to On


If you have access to the iPod, go to Settings -> iCloud and then press Sign out. I think that should work without having to enter any password. Then you can add your own or do whatever you want. If you don't have access to your iPod because they're locking it using Find my iPhone, there are either two ways 1. They tell you the password to access the device ...


You can delete the iCloud account without a password I think. Does this help?


No, they aren't. Here you can find the two type of charger, 5W (iPod and iPhone charger) and 12W (iPad, iPod, iPhone charger) with compatibility list. The length of 30 pin connector is always the same (it is standardised for Apple).

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