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I had the same problem with my iPhone (3rd gen) and iPod Touch with Pandora. Cured both with simply powering off, waiting about 30 seconds then powering back on.


Have you tried tapping the album art while the music or podcast is playing? That should bring the "scrub-bar" to the screen where you can quickly scan through the media currently playing (seek-bar at the top of the picture).


The iPod touch 5 is older then the iPhone 6 (released with the iPhone 5) so no, it does not have a sapphire coating. However, it generally is durable enough for most things before it scratches.


SafeMode v0.9.5000 is not working well on iOS 5.11 You should downgrade to v0.9.4000 See http://www.jailbreakqa.com/questions/304545/screen-is-unresponsive-to-touch-in-substrate-safemode-ios-421

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